Once Upon a Time: 9 Friendships We Miss Most

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Relationships are the heart of Once Upon a Time.

Not just true love or the deep bonds between parents and their children.

Friendship has played a major role on the show since the beginning when Snow and Charming's friends stepped up to help them keep their baby safe from the Evil Queen.

We've watched core friendships grow and change over the past six seasons. But some bonds were just scratching the surface of potential the last time we checked in with them.

Take a look at the friendships we think deserve to be revisited. Need to catch up before the show returns? You can watch Once Upon a Time online anytime!

1. Mary Margaret and Emma

Mary Margaret and Emma
Obviously we'll never be sorry that the curse broke and Emma reunited with her parents. But it's hard not to miss the relationship Emma shared with her mother when she was just her friend and roommate, Mary Margaret. They were a lot more open with one another back then when it came to their feelings.

2. Tinker Bell and Regina

Tinker Bell and Regina
We'll take any excuse to have Tinker Bell back on our screens. Her friendship with Regina brought out a softer side of the not quite evil queen. Things may have been strained once they were reunited, but Tinker Bell never shied away from giving Regina solid advice. She also believed a happy ending was possible.

3. Killian and Will

Killian and Will
Okay, fine. Friendship might be pushing it with these two. But there was never a shortage of laughs when the two traded sarcastic barbs. Unfortunately for Will, he usually ended up unconscious after one of their meetings.

4. Mulan and Aurora

Mulan and Aurora
It's been way too long since these lovely ladies shared the screen. We know guest star schedules aren't the easiest to accommodate, but we love seeing Mulan and Aurora together. There was always a hint of something deeper than friendship. We'd love to see more of this relationship explored.

5. Ruby and Snow

Ruby and Snow
Whether they were fighting evil in the Enchanted Forest or having drinks in Storybrooke, Ruby and Snow White shared a special bond. We're so happy Ruby found her true love, but we'd still like to see these ladies reunite. There's so much for them to catch up on.

6. Emma and Elsa

Emma and Elsa
Frozen overload aside, Emma and Elsa formed an amazing friendship while the queen resided in Storybrooke. Both woman understood the drawbacks of magical powers and what it felt like not to fit in. We'd love to see more of these two now that Emma's accepted her place as the savior and Elsa's regained her throne.

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