NCIS: Everything We Know About Ziva's Possible Return

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7. Gibbs Could Be Part of the "Secret"

Gibbs Could Be Part of the "Secret"
The Super Bowl promo teases that the "biggest secret of all" will come out, and Gibbs does not look impressed about Ziva's name being brought up. Could he know about a potential coverup?

8. Is Ziva's Return Likely?

Is Ziva's Return Likely?
YES. We have some reasons. Allow us to explain...

9. A New Show

A New Show
Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are working on a new show...

10. Which Network?

Which Network?
CBS, of course!

11. There's a Catch

There's a Catch
They will not be sharing the screen on this new series because they're developing it.

12. Verdict

Cote de Pablo's return as Ziva would be a huge surprise for fans, but it's not out of the question. If the big secret is that Ziva's alive, then it was probably in the works ever since de Pablo agreed to work with Weatherly on the new show for CBS.

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