Manifest Unmasked: Griffin's Calling, the Wolf and Terrorist Attacks

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I had high hopes for the penultimate episode in terms of answers, however, Manifest Season 1 Episode 15 only raised more sinister questions with the introduction of James Griffin. 

Though we still don't understand much about the callings, we've always known that we could rely on them as warnings for what's to come next. 

Everything changed with Griffin's introduction and much like Mic and Ben, we were left wondering what happens when the calling gets into the wrong hands and are harnessed for evil instead of good.

Zeke may have been a little sketchy, but Griffin immediately exploited the callings for his own gain. 

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And none of this even begins to dive into the real question -- how are the passengers, Zeke and Griffin still alive? Or are they even alive?

Then there's the question of the wolf, a symbolic figure that has persisted throughout two major cliffhangers. 

How is everything connected? You might need to watch Manifest online to find out.

I hope to find out on Manifest Season 1 Episode 16, but if I've learned absolutely anything from this series, it's to not expect answers. 



1. In the Wrong Hands

In the Wrong Hands
What happens when the callings get into the wrong hands? Ben and Mic were so preoccupied with the nature of the callings that they were blindsided by Griffin, a dangerous and irredeemable man who abused the callings to further his own agenda. This left much of the Stone family perplexed and wondering if there was even a point or greater cause to the callings. Up until now, we thought they were a force for good, spiritually or otherwise, but now it all feels a bit misguided. I guess it makes sense that not everyone would take advantage of a second chance, but what's the overall purpose in introducing Griffin when we have so many other unanswered questions?

2. Why a Murderer?

Why a Murderer?
While diving into these callings, all the returnees want to make the best of their second chance. They all seemingly want to do the right thing, better themselves, and turn over a new leaf. Even the pilot, obsessed and misguided as he was, was trying to clear his name and get some answers. So why the heck is a murderer being given such a gift? It almost defeats the purpose of the premise of the series.

3. Who is Griffin?

Who is Griffin?
Not to mention, we don't really know much about Griffin. Olive may have been good at searching through MySpace to find out about his time in foster homes, his foster brother, and his foster mother, Angela, but it was all surface-level. Grace's visit with Angela almost seemed pointless. She explained that it was in his nature to lie, told us about Devon, and then lamented that she wished Griffin, a person she hasn't seen in years, wouldn't walk free. I'm going to need more to this story.

4. Time of Death: 828

Time of Death: 828
It's absolutely no coincidence that Griffin was underwater for 82 hours and 8 minutes. There have been plenty of 828 Easter eggs throughout the series, but what's the significance of them? Are the numbers 828 symbolic? Is there a deeper meaning to them? Should Cal be doing higher math to figure this out? Or are they just being included as an attempt to tie together the mystery? I should also point out that there wasn't a tie-in to 828 with Zeke. Was that on purpose?

5. Mic in the Middle

Mic in the Middle
It may seem like the callings are random, but if you follow the trail, you'll discover that Mic, Griffin and Zeke all have one thing in common: guilt over losing someone they love. Mic feels guilty for killing Evie, Griffing for killing his brother Devon, and Zeke for his little sister. But why is their guilt manifesting into a second chance at life and callings/ visions of the future? It doesn't make any sense.

6. To Zeke or Not To Zeke

To Zeke or Not To Zeke
Now that we know bad guys can be brought back, I have to give Jared some credit for being skeptical of Zeke. Jared's approach needs a little work but let's be honest, what do we know about Zeke aside from the fact that he shared the same calling as Mic? Griffin's callings are connected to Mic and we damn know we aren't trusting him! Jared came off as jealous but his concern should be taken seriously. I can't wait to see what those DNA results unearth! Oh, and how mad do you think Mic will be when she finds out Jared went behind her back!

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