Lucifer Season 3 at Midseason: Best Episode, Expendable Character & More!

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There have been some incredible twists during Lucifer Season 3, but we've also had to sit through some episodes that didn't seem to tie into the narrative at all.

So what does it mean for the overall flow? Is this season of Lucifer as charming as what came before?

Are there areas of weakness that could be improved? What are the highlights? 

Take a look at what we think when you scroll through the gallery below and watch Lucifer online to catch up on all the excitement.

1. Most Disappointing Aspect of Season 3

Most Disappointing Aspect of Season 3
The confusion about the episodes filmed during Season 2 and airing during Season 3 and how they've affected the overall flow of the season is disappointing. It's hard to tell if it's genuinely an issue or if the writing is sincerely scattered, neither of which is ideal. I wish I had never known about the bonus episodes because maybe it wouldn't have made my brain hurt so much.

2. Expendable Character

Expendable Character
While their romantic endeavors were once something to look forward to when they came to pass, Chloe has now become expendable. If she failed to show up to work one day, Dan would take her place, and the interactions between him and Lucifer would be highly entertaining. On the other hand, put Chloe and Lucifer in a room together these days and it feels more awkward than anything else. Even "Chloe's Birthday," which would have once made a lot of sense seemed off kilter. She was suddenly woebegone over Lucifer "forgetting" her birthday after practically ignoring him every moment they spend together. To which I say -- meh. I no longer care.

3. Character Whose Absence Makes a Difference

Character Whose Absence Makes a Difference
Here's hoping Lesley-Ann Brandt doesn't plan on having children every year because her loss is felt when Maze is on her road trips. We need her badassery, Lucifer needs his common sense and strong arm, and Linda needs her new best friend. Maze is just discovering her soul; it's not the best time for her to be out roaming alone, dammit.

4. Best Relationship

Best Relationship
Amenadiel and Linda have grown a lot since her life was on the line, and the friendship they've developed is beautiful. It appears to have blossomed into something more and waiting for that to come to the attention of Maze has me on tenterhooks, but I think Maze will see Amenadiel and Linda for what it is. It's genuine and based only on the purest of intentions. They listen to each other and make each other laugh. It's delightful.

5. Worst Relationship

Worst Relationship
I've grown to love Dan over the course of the series, and he lives up to the name Detective Douche when he fails to realize how different the recent Charlotte is from the woman he slept with earlier. I don't mind that he's interested in this Charlotte as much as I do that he never as soon as she returned he was asking questions relating to why she never called, etc. I would have liked to see him take a breather and get to know this different side of her and warm up to her again. As it stands, he comes off looking like a dufas.

6. Best Episode

Best Episode
Lucifer Season 3 Episode 8, "Chloe Does Lucifer," was the best so far in my opinion because it showcased the most entertaining side of Lucifer while ratcheting up the relationship between Amenadiel and Linda.

Tom Ellis is at his very best when he's being the self-centered Lucifer who knows he's pushing it too far. Misreading every clue with the hope it meant he wasn't becoming too tame and losing his LA mojo, he was oh so good at being bad while trying to push Chloe to be a ridiculous version of him to crack a case.

Chloe's lack of playacting superceded Lucifer's ego while she tried to laugh, be sexy, shake her hair, etc., with horrific results. It was a generally fun outing for the two of them.

At the same time, Linda was dealing with her feelings about being in the loop of the celestial people and deciding it was a pain in the ass that ultimately made her feel not only self-centered but small and frightened. The resulting conversation brought her and Amenadiel closer. Good stuff.

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