Lucifer: 11 Ways Maze Has Proven She's the Coolest Demon Ever

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Mazikeen, or Maze, has been with Lucifer since the beginning of time. She wasn't too thrilled when he decided to leave Hell and make his home in L.A., but she's loyal and would follow him anywhere.

It took her a little time, but she's acclimated quite well to her new home.  She's also become more than just a soldier to the devil. This demon has become her own woman, having made friends and a new life for herself.

Maze is awesome, and here are 11 reasons why she's proven she's the coolest demon ever!


1. She Took Trixie Trick-or-Treating

She Took Trixie Trick-or-Treating
Trixie had the time of her life when Maze took her trick-or-treating on Halloween. Not only did Maze help her get an amazing amount of candy, but she got to eat as much as she wanted when they got home. They cozied up together watching monster movies until they dozed off in the wee hours of the morning.

2. She Gives Great Advice

She Gives Great Advice
Maze was having a grand time when she came upon Chloe in throes of an erotic dream. She even brought popcorn for the show. When Chloe woke up, she was a little startled, but Maze calmed her down with a few words of smart advice.

3. She's a Great Bartender

She's a Great Bartender
Where Maze learned how to tend bar is anyone's guess, but she does a hell of a job of it. She's great at making drinks and conversation, and she keeps the bar hopping without any problems.

4. She Sacrifices for Friends

She Sacrifices for Friends
Maze will do anything for the ones she loves, including giving up one of her most prized possessions to save their life. When Amenadiel was at death's door, she used a feather from Lucifer's wings that she had saved in hopes of getting home to heal the wounded angel.

5. She Has a Great Sense of Humor

She Has a Great Sense of Humor
Maze does a good job at making us laugh even if it is at someone else's expense.

6. She's Got an Awesome Sense of Style

She's Got an Awesome Sense of Style
Chloe would do well to get some fashion advice from Maze. Our favorite demon rocks every outfit she owns whether it's a leather or something more soft and feminine.

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