Keeping Up with the Kardashians: 17 Things We Learned About Kim’s Paris Robbery

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7. All Kim Wanted To Do Was See Her Kids

All Kim Wanted To Do Was See Her Kids
Kim put on a brave face to reunite with North and Saint in New York. The second she got out of the elevator, she played with her daughter and told her she missed her. Kim also asked Kanye not to talk about what happened in front of the kids because she didn’t want to scare them.

8. Kanye’s Take

Kanye’s Take
Kanye initially thought the robbers were young kids messing with Kim. When he found out they were in their 40s or 50s, he said they should have known not to mess with her. If they had hurt Kim physically, he said “I wouldn’t have stopped until they were dead.”

9. Security Protocol

Security Protocol
Contrary to popular belief, Kim revealed that the Kardashians never have security guarding their doors at night. It is clear that is going to change.

10. Addressing The Haters

Addressing The Haters
Kim was back on her phone a few days after the robbery, and was shocked to find out people doubting the attack. “Why would I want to look unsafe for more people to target me?” she asked her mom and Cory. There was speculation that it was all fake and done for publicity, but personally, I think the Kardashians get enough attention without having to involve the law.

11. An Eerie Conversation

An Eerie Conversation
It was super creepy to hear Kourtney recall talking to Kim and their friends about what they would do if someone attacked them earlier that day. Kim said she would hand over whatever they wanted, and that is exactly what she did when it happened to her hours later.

12. Cop Confusion

Cop Confusion
When the Paris police arrived to Kim’s room, they were dressed in the same uniforms as the men who robbed Kim. The only difference was they were not wearing masks. Still, it was hard for her to know who to believe.

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