Jane The Virgin Season 2: 9 Things We Learned From Gina Rodriguez

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It’s been a hell of a year for Gina Rodriguez.

Last summer, I sat down with her to talk about her then-upcoming new CW series and... well... nobody knew the show would become such a huge hit, as would Rodriguez.

Following a successful first season, a Golden Globe award and a just-wrapped film role with Mark Wahlberg in Deepwater Horizon, Rodriguez’s hiatus is over and she’s back to work on Jane The Virgin Season 2.

And while the Britney Spears news was huge when it was released yesterday, here are 9 more things I found out after spending some time with her this week during the CBS/CW/Showtime party at the Television Critics Association press tour...

1. Jane is becoming a woman

Jane is becoming a woman
"I think you’re definitely going to see an evolving woman," Rodriguez said of how her alter ego will change in the new season. "A woman who is coming into motherhood [and] also trying to still preserve her dreams as a writer…somebody that plans all the time is going to have to decipher this unstable ground that she had her baby in but was very founded in love."

2. She's so excited! And she just can't hide it!

She's so excited! And she just can't hide it!
The only one more excited than us about the new season of Jane? Rodriguez herself! "I look forward to doing that first episode when we come back and [Jane] discovers that her son is gone. I want to know what that’s gonna looks like. I want to know what we’re going to embody or what we’re going to decide with the director and Jennie [Snyder Urman, creator]. I’m excited about all of it.

3. Wedding bells will ring

Wedding bells will ring
"Jane gets married this season. I’m excited to find out who I’m going to marry. What's that going to look like? What she’s going to look like? What's the reason why she’s going to do that? Who's she going to end up falling in love with? How are they going to get to that point? Jennie tells me nothing but these are my questions and I’m so excited about it."

4. Jane’s heart is with…?

Jane’s heart is with…?
Which man Jane will choose is not going to be a split decision for the young single mother, according to Rodriguez: "One thing I do know about Jane is that she doesn’t do rash decisions so I doubt Jennie would ever write her rash. But she does take risks, recently especially, but she doesn’t make rash decisions. She’s doesn’t make anything she’s going to have to say 'did I think about this?' She always stops and thinks about it."

5. Dreams are important

Dreams are important
In reflecting the struggle many people have, Rodriguez said the show will show us relatable issues in everyday life: "We’re going to really talk about issues of a woman and a man even preserving their own sense of self and their own sense of direction and goals and dreams after motherhood or fatherhood. I think that’s going to be really awesome to explore and talk about, maybe a little controversial at times, but something that I don’t think we don’t ever talk about as much as it could be discussed so that then we have solutions.

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