iZombie: Refresh Your Brains Before the Season Premiere!

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After four incredible seasons of being of the most underrated series on The CW, iZombie is coming to an end. 

Liv and the rest of the z-squad return tonight with iZombie Season 5 Episode 1. However, iZombie Season 4 was an eventful season that ended on a high note. 

Seattle was quarantined by the government. The fourth season took on a political and social tone with a zombie military, anti-zombie militia, religious fanaticism, and extreme social activists and anarchists. 

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The season brought about an unusual development in Ravi, set friends and old flames against one another, and it reunited couples too. 

Many of the Z-gang found themselves in leadership roles closing out the season, and there was a plan to come together to improve human and zombie relations. 

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Also, Ravi made his first succesful breakthrough with a zombie cure. 

Before we head into the new and final season, get refreshed with where the series left off below. 

An all-new iZombie returns tonight on The CW at 8/7c!

If you would like to refresh yourself on the season, you can watch iZombie online here via TV Fanatic!


1. Liv Is Renegade

Liv Is Renegade
After Mama Leone, the previous Renegade was executed by Chase, Liv took over the underground zombie smuggling operation. By the end of the season, Liv survived a mandated execution and was able to continue smuggling zombies in and out of New Seattle with Major and Peyton's blessing and a new hope that zombies and humans to coexist together.

2. New Seattle Remains Quarantined

New Seattle Remains Quarantined
Despite overthrowing Chase and attempting to get the city under into some semblance of order, Seattle is still quarantined from the rest of the country by government order, and no one is technically allowed in or out of the city. It means a series of shortages across the board as Seattle is now on its own.

3. Brain Shortage

Brain Shortage
Despite the deal Major struck with Blaine, there is still a brain shortage in Seattle. The rations are running out, and many of the zombies are going hungry with no real fix to rectify the situation.

4. Boyfriend Curse Continues

Boyfriend Curse Continues
Major rescued Liv before she was beheaded, but Chase killed Levon right in front of her eyes. Levon was Mama Leone's second and later on Liv's in addition to being her boyfriend. Liv's terrible luck with boyfriends being murdered continues.

5. Chase's Reign is Over

Chase's Reign is Over
Chase devolved into a maniacal dictator throughout iZombie Season 4, and he slipped further and further into the dark side before establishing himself as a true villain. For Liv, justice was served when she beheaded Chase by using the guillotine he used to publicly execute zombies and others who defied him.

6. Major is the New Head of Fillmore Graves

Major is the New Head of Fillmore Graves
Major led the rescue mission to save Liv, and he was the final nail in the coffin to take over Fillmore Graves. Peacekeepers are still a necessity in New Seattle, and Major took his place as leader of the zombie militia hoping to instill a fairer version of law and order.

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