iZombie Photos from "He Blinded Me With Science"

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Doctor Ravi ditches his life in morgue for a modeling career and Liv joins in! Just kidding, but these photos from iZombie Season 2 Episode 15 show a much different look for Liv, 

With Major's secret nearly exposed, it is interesting to see Liv chatting it up at the Max Rager offices. What is even more intriguing is the way she looks. Is it the zombie cure or just a great wig and some killer make-up skills? 

The episode's title "He Blinded Me With Science" suggests that Liv may have taken the cure! If not, let's just hope her venture into Max Rager opens the door into a permanent cure for Major and Blaine but we'd settle for another punch in Gilda's face. 

Scroll through the photos slideshow and watch iZombie online to get your zombie fix! 

1. Looking Different!

Looking Different!
Liv sure looks different in this photo. Is that a wig?

2. Helping Clive - iZombie

Helping Clive - iZombie
Liv helps Clive with her eternally sunny mind. Must be something she ate.

3. Hope is Dead - iZombie

Hope is Dead - iZombie
It's hard to be optimistic about the zombie cure when all of the rats keep dying. If anyone can figure it out it's the hottest doc in the morgue!

4. Cracking the Case! - iZombie

Cracking the Case! - iZombie
Clive is always business in the morgue but looks even more intense than usual. Is that even possible?

5. Worried Ravi - iZombie

Worried Ravi - iZombie
Something isn't quite right and Ravi knows it. Will he find out that his best friend and roomie is a zombie hunter? That's never an easy conversation.

6. GQ Ravi - iZombie

GQ Ravi - iZombie
Not many people could look this good in a lab coat, but Ravi always looks a little too gorgeous for words.

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iZombie Season 2 Episode 15: "He Blinded Me with Science"
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