Grey's Anatomy Season 15: What Works and What Needs Work!

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7. Link - Needs Work

Link - Needs Work
There is nothing wrong with Link; he's just underdeveloped. He had a few shining moments when we got to know him, but the problem is we barely know anything about him. It sucks more when he's presented as a possible suitor for Meredith. Link has hit on every female attending and mostly receives the "man meat" edit. He has potential with his friendship with Jo, excellent bedside manner, and his backstory of having Leukemia as a kid, but he needs work.

8. DeLuca's Glow Up - Works

DeLuca's Glow Up - Works
If you are a long-time DeLuca fan like myself, you have to be pleased with his development this season. He's finally back on track to being that awesome guy and competent doctor that he was when he was first introduced. He has matured, and he's confident and sexy. It's everything some of us have been dying to see for two seasons now. He's gained fans and popularity, and he has "leading man" swagger. It's awesome.

9. Maggie's Personal Growth - Works

Maggie's Personal Growth - Works
Remember the early days when M.A.G.I.C were messy interns who were figuring out who they were and figuring out how to be in relationships? That's what Maggie is doing -- she's becoming self-aware and on a path of self-discovery. She excels at her job, but when it comes to everything else, she's just figuring out life like other characters were allowed to do. Sure, it leads to some relationship angst, but the growing pains are what make Maggie and her journey compelling. She's learning and evolving. It's called character development, and it has been lovely so far.

10. Jackson's Faith Arc and OOCness - Didn't Work

Jackson's Faith Arc and OOCness - Didn't Work
Initially, Jackson embarking on a journey to discover his faith was promising and had potential. Unfortunately, it's mostly been Jackson emulating April's faith journey instead of discovering his own. It had him behaving out of character and also doing some of the same things he used to detest about April. He left out of the blue without communicating and only came back because of a case. He's frustrated with Maggie for not understanding his faith when he's the one who changed his perspective. He was keeping secrets, emotionally opening up to other women, gaslighting, deflecting, and refusing to take accountability for his actions.

11. Schmico - Needs Work

Schmico - Needs Work
As a couple, these two are the hottest 'ship on the series right now. The payoff, especially in the midseason finale, has been worth the wait. Their budding relationship has given Levi a chance to shine and stand out as a character. He's so endearing. The ONLY downside is the relationship is imbalanced because we don't know much of anything about Nico. Their hot and heavy make-out session is awesome, but when the show returns, I'm going to need more.

12. Amelia's Evolution and Motherhood - Works

Amelia's Evolution and Motherhood - Works
Amelia has been on the up for the past season and a half, and she's all the better for it. One of the best things about her arc is that her relationship with Owen has been almost secondary to her evolution. Her primary focus has been building a relationship with Betty, making peace with losing her child, and realizing that she has become a mother. Motherhood suits Amelia, and her scenes with Betty or scenes in which she's grappling with her love for this teenager are beautiful.

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