Grey's Anatomy Midseason Report: What Worked and What Didn't!!

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7. Teddy's Return - Worked

Teddy's Return - Worked
Honestly, who wasn't excited about the return of Teddy? She tapped into the Grey's Nostalgia with her return. It was great seeing her friendship with Owen again. Teddy is a ride-or-die friend til the end, and it was nice to see Owen look happy for a change. The two almost revisited their near-romantic relationship, but the timing is never right for them. It didn't matter either way, though. It was awesome having her back if only for a little while.

8. Iraq Flashbacks - Didn't Work

Iraq Flashbacks - Didn't Work
The flashbacks that were meant to explain how Megan and Riggs broke up and how she ended up captured were so boring. It probably would have been more interesting if we saw what life was like during the decade Megan was in captivity or how she ended up adopting Farouk. It was a bottle episode dedicated to showing us something they could have just told us, and the revelation that Megan had also cheated on Riggs, and that Owen was pissed off at Riggs for ten years for nothing was just ludicrous.

9. Amelia's Tumor - Worked

Amelia's Tumor - Worked
Amelia was to be blunt, insufferable last season. She was one of the most agitating aspects of a poor season, and she got progressively worse as the season went on. Finding out this season that she had a brain tumor put everything in perspective. This plot easily could have been criticized for being a sloppy fix for her terrible characterization over the past season, but somehow, it managed to work.

It brought us those incredible sisterly moments between her, Maggie, and Meredith. It led to some very much needed closure on the Omelia relationship. It introduced us to Tom, who has been a delight. It also gave us hints of a special bond between Amelia and DeLuca. Now that Stephanie is gone, she needs a new protege, and DeLuca more than proved himself to be a worthwhile one during her time of need. It was one of the best aspects of the season so far.

10. Carina Rarely Practicing Medicine - Didn't Work

Carina Rarely Practicing Medicine - Didn't Work
Carina is a fun addition to the show, but the problem is, her inadvertent role in helping Amelia diagnose her tumor aside, she doesn't get to be doctorly. She wasn't granted privileges to practice until the winter finale. Prior to that, she was working on her study we barely saw, and she sort of wandered around the hospital when she wasn't making out with people or giving advice to her brother. It was a blast watching her deliver her first baby in the winter finale, I just wish she was able to do things like that sooner.

11. Omelia Calls It Quits - Worked

Omelia Calls It Quits - Worked
It was just long overdue. The two of them needed to be on some sort of common ground. The best part about them calling it quits is the fact that they actually were able to part ways amicably. Prior to the tumor discovery, it seemed unlikely that they would. Amelia made the wise choice of breaking things off because she still needs to figure out what was her and what was the tumor in all of these years. It was the most mature decision she's made. The two of them are better as friends, and the friendship feels genuine.

12. Jaggie - Didn't Work

Jaggie - Didn't Work
For the sake of being fair, I'm just going to put Jaggie down as something that didn't work. I'll even admit that I roll with this 'ship out of pettiness, spite, and the sake of being contrary. But for the lot of you, Jaggie isn't working because there's no chemistry, it's gross that they're kind of related, and Japril. Whatever.

For me, it's not working because it's not going anywhere. It's in this weird limbo of middle-school flirting that's cringeworthy at times. If they're going to do it, then do it. If they aren't, then ax all of the innuendoes. Either make the move or don't make the move, but this in-between stage is uncomfortable. I just need to know where this is going or where the two of them stand for peace of mind. I'm legit starting to wonder if Shonda and Co. are trolling the fandom. If so, kudos. It's working.

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