Gotham Season 4: Everything You Need To Know!

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Gotham Season 3 took us down some dark paths.

Bruce killed Alfred (then brought him back to life), Nygma killed Oswald (who was then saved by Ivy), Lee turned into quite the bad girl thanks to Tetch's virus (but then was saved by Jim), Jerome returned to terrorize the city, and the list goes on.

So what's in store for Gotham Season 4? Click through the slides to see all news we've gathered on what to expect for the new season.

What are you most excited about?

Gotham returns on Thursday, September 21 at 8/7c on FOX.

If you need to catch up before then, you can watch Gotham online right here via TV Fanatic.


1. Bruce's Journey

Bruce's Journey
Bruce's journey is about to continue on Gotham Season 4. He'll be getting help from Lucius Fox, Alfred will be by his side, and Ra's al Ghul will still have a hand in Bruce's Batman transformation.

With all the new villains about to terrorize Gotham City, Jim Gordon is going to need all the help he can get. It's the perfect time for Batman to make his appearance. Even if he seems a little young, we're all in for David Mazouz's version of the Dark Knight.

2. Gotham Will Get Dark - Very Dark

Gotham Will Get Dark - Very Dark
If you thought Gotham couldn't get any darker, you're in for a surprise.

Alexander Siddig, who plays Ra's al Ghul, said during a recent chat on Gotham's Facebook page that Gotham Season 4 was going to get very, very dark and very, very crazy.

"It's going to go up an octave," Siddig said. "It's going to go up a set of decibels. A notch. Volume 11. It's going to get up there."

3. The Key Art is Amazing...

The Key Art is Amazing...
Gotham released two new pieces of key art that have us more excited than ever for the new season to start. In the first piece, we have a fierce-looking Bruce front and center wearing his cowl. It won't be long before Gotham belongs to Batman.

The tagline for the season was changed from "Dawn of Night" to "A Dark Knight" which tells us that we'll be able to count on Batman assisting Jim Gordon in saving the city.

4. ...And Even More Amazing

...And Even More Amazing
In this piece, Bruce is behind Gordon, sort of as a support. Jim may be leading the takedown of criminals now, but we know it will be Bruce's job as Batman in the future. We also love the bats flying off Bruce's cape.

When will he decide to name himself "The Batman"? We can't wait for that moment.

5. Ben McKenzie Wrote an Episode

Ben McKenzie Wrote an Episode
Gotham tweeted out that McKenzie wrote his first script for the show, and we only have to wait a short time to see what comes out of McKenzie's "twisted mind." His episode will be the fourth of the season. No other details were released, but we're kind of excited!

McKenzie made his directorial debut last season with Gotham Season 3 Episode 16, "These Dark and Delicate Obsessions," which featured some fun scenes between Ivy and Penguin and very dark scenes between Jim and his Uncle Frank.

6. The Scarecrow is Coming...

The Scarecrow is Coming...
We've gotten some good looks at the Scarecrow, and he's downright sinister looking. We'll see him on Gotham Season 4 Episode 1 as he starts bringing people's worst fears to life.

Jonathan Crane is the man behind Scarecrow. We saw him last on Gotham Season 1 when he was strapped to a bed screaming in fear at the scarecrow of his nightmares he imagined was attacking him.

He'll be played by Charlie Tahar who played him in the first season. Tahar's other television roles included playing Ben Burke on Wayward Pines and Wyatt on Ozark.

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