Gotham Season 3: 15 Best Moments So Far

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7. Jim Takes a Trip with Barbara

Jim Takes a Trip with Barbara
Jervis Tetch sent Jim on the trip of a lifetime when he blew Red Queen into his face. Barbara took him to visit old demons and a life that could have been. In the end he learned a little secret about the Court of Owls even if he didn't the full implication at the time.

8. Lee Punches Nygma

Lee Punches Nygma
Lee returned to Gotham city more badass than ever. When Nygma stopped by to say hello, she had no problems giving him his just due for what he did (accidentally or not) to Kristin.

9. Penguin Becomes Mayor

Penguin Becomes Mayor
It surprised everyone when Penguin decided to throw his hat into the mayoral ring. It was even more surprising when he actually won. He was a good mayor while it lasted...until Nygma messed it up.

10. A Horrible Honeymoon

A Horrible Honeymoon
Lee had a chance at happiness, but somehow Tetch was able to infect Mario with Alice's blood causing him to become a jealous freak. Jim saved the day just in time, even if Lee didn't see it that way.

11. Bruce Fights Jerome

Bruce Fights Jerome
Bruce's training finally came in handy when he was kidnapped by Jerome and his gang. Bruce didn't back down and we cheered like madmen ourselves when Bruce got the upper hand on Jerome.

12. The Almost Kiss

The Almost Kiss
Gotham had its way with fans who shipped Nygmobblepot tricking them into thinking a kiss was about to happen between the two as they fell into each other's arms. It never happened, but the idea that it could have warmed our hearts.

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