13 Reasons We Loved Outcast Season 1

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Outcast proved itself to be one of the most riveting and creepiest shows of the summer as demonic or alien possessions (we're not sure what they are at this point) overtook the people of the small town of Rome, West Virginia.

Reverend Anderson tried his best to rid the town of the demons, but his exorcisms failed on a grand scale. The only thing that seemed to work was what Kyle did, whether it was beating the victim or just laying his hands on him, or sometimes both.

But as many as they sent packing, more seemed to arrive daily, because Kyle is apparently a beacon. What they might not have expected (and neither did we) was Amber turning out to be just like daddy.

There are still no clear answers as to why Kyle draws these things. What we do know is he's from the same place they are -- wherever that is. It's just one of many questions we hope will be answered in season two.

From Wrenn Schmidt's brilliant performance as a possessed Megan to Mildred's snarky response to Reverend Anderson, here's our list of what we thought were some of the highlights of Outcast Season 1.

1. Megan Gets Possessed

Megan Gets Possessed
Wrenn Schmidt knocked it out of the park with her performance as a newly possessed. It was fascinating to watch Megan go through a possession from beginning to end. The way she walked out of the shower, the way she wiggled her toes in the wet grass and her reactions to light and water were powerful scenes that shed light into the process of possession. Wrenn Schmidt brilliantly brought it all to life and gets our accolades for best performance of the season.

2. Reverend Anderson Punches Sidney

Reverend Anderson Punches Sidney
Sidney has been smarmy from the minute he stepped foot in Rome. He’s especially been a thorn in Reverend Anderson’s side. When Sidney walked in while the Reverend was trying to get his job back, it was the last straw and the Reverend couldn’t help himself. As he told Giles: “It’s not everyday you get to punch the Devil in the face.”

3. Mildred is Done Playing Games

Mildred is Done Playing Games
Reverend Anderson thought he had cast the demon out of Mildred, but he was wrong. After Kyle touched her and discovered she was still possessed, the Reverend visited to see for himself. Mildred was done playing games and let the Reverend know the truth in a rather amusing yet chilling way. Too bad MIldren couldn’t have stayed in Rome a bit longer.

4. Mark's Shocking Death

Mark's Shocking Death
Even if you are a comic reader, Mark’s death was something completely unexpected. In the comics he was thrown out the window and survived. On the show Megan smashed his face into the bathroom mirror and a piece of glass got stuck in his throat. It was heartbreaking to watch him plead with Megan to help him and all she did was watch him die, fascinated with all the blood.

5. Blake Fakes Us Out

Blake Fakes Us Out
Reverend Anderson keeps thinking he’s winning against the demons of Rome, but once again he was proved wrong. Blake was one of the scariest possessed we got to meet. He did a great job pretending to be exorcised, but in the end he let Anderson know it was all fake by laughing in his face and telling him, “Is this actually your job? Do you do kids’ parties too?” Did Blake takes lessons from Mildred?

6. Reverend Anderson's Pentagram

Reverend Anderson's Pentagram
While Sidney was a pain the Reverend’s side, the Reverend was a pain in Sidney’s side. The Reverend was intent on casting out the evil from Rome and had no intention of leaving the possessed alone. Sidney didn’t like this and decided to warn the Reverend in the most serious way by carving a pentagram on his chest.

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