Days of Our Lives' Eve Donovan: From Troubled Teen to Major Troublemaker

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7. Sham Marriage to Jack Deveraux

Sham Marriage to Jack Deveraux
After Nick died, he left a substantial fortune to Eve, but it came with a condition: she had to be married to inherit it. Eve asked Frankie Brady, but he turned her down, so she next turned to Jack Deveraux. They both understood the marriage was in name only and never consummated it, but that didn't stop Eve from gloating to Jennifer that she had married the man who had Jennifer's heart. Eventually, Julie bought out Eve's half of the Spectator to get Eve to annul the marriage, but that didn't stop Eve from claiming she was owed royalties for Jack's book as part of the deal when she returned in 2014.

8. Eve and Frankie

Eve and Frankie
Eve finally got Frankie -- at least for a little while. After Nick was murdered, Eve joined Jack, Jennifer, and Frankie on an investigation adventure involving a search of a theme train. Nick's evil brother Johnny made the train derail to try to stop the investigation. The group survived but split up, and after Eve took credit for a girl named Mollie Brinker rescuing them, Frankie began dating her. They broke up for a while after he found out Eve had lied, but when Frankie left for Africa he took Eve with him. Eve later claimed to her daughter Paige that she and Frankie had been married, but since Frankie has not been on canvas since Eve's return there's no proof that that isn't yet another lie.

9. Unable to Let Go of Her Daughter

Unable to Let Go of Her Daughter
Eve (now played by Kassie De Paiva)'s return to Salem in 2014 centered around her relationship with her daughter Paige. Eve and Paige had always been close as Paige had no father, and Eve could not let go of Paige, especially when she found out Paige was dating JJ Deveraux, the son of Eve's rival Jennifer. Things got more and more tense between Eve and Paige as Eve continually tried to manipulate the situation, including suing Jennifer for half the royalties for Jack's book and hiring a prostitute to try to seduce JJ and prove to Paige that he was no good for her.

10. The Eve/JJ Debacle

The Eve/JJ Debacle
Eve's attempts to ruin JJ and Paige's relationship went nowhere until JJ got drunk after a fight with Paige and showed up at her apartment looking to make up -- and found Eve instead. Eve came on to a drunk JJ and he responded in kind, and when JJ and Paige later reconciled Eve followed him around town harassing him about how he needed to break up with her daughter and blaming him for the event even though his ability to consent to the sex was dubious at best. When Eve sent Paige to California so she wouldn't learn the truth, JJ confronted her and Eve threw him down on the couch, where they had sex a second time. Eventually, Jennifer walked in on one of Eve and JJ's secret trysts, and later Paige found out. She disowned her mother as well as refusing to have anything to do with JJ until shortly before Paige's death in 2015.

11. Paige's Death

Paige's Death
Eve was devastated when Paige was murdered by the Necktie Killer in September 2015. She still couldn't let go of her hatred of Jennifer and insisted Jennifer and JJ leave the funeral, but after that she softened for a while and became a music teacher and mentor for newcomer Claire instead of causing chaos everywhere.

12. Tumultous Relationship with Brady Black

Tumultous Relationship with Brady Black
Eve left town again for a while after Paige's death and returned in 2018, where she revealed that she had married Deimos Kiriakis while she was away and was now the owner of Basic Black since his death. Brady Black decided to seduce her to try to steal back his father's company from her, but fell hard for her, but had to convince her his feelings were for real. After Eve's plans with Victor to get Brady custody of his son blew up in her face, she broke up with Brady and left town, but she blamed Jennifer for the breakup and threatened to get revenge.

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