Days of Our Lives Classic Couple Spotlight: Jack and Jennifer

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7. Jennifer's Rape

Jennifer's Rape
Jack's self-hatred reared its ugly head again when Jack was forced to kill Harper in self-defense and pushed Jennifer away as a result. Jennifer decided to go to New York to rescue her friend Katerina (aka Carly Manning) from having to marry the evil Lawrence Alamain. Eventually Lawrence kidnapped Jennifer and Alice and forced Jennifer to marry him. He then raped her. By this point, Steve had appeared to die in front of Jack, making Jack aware that life was short, so Jack was finally ready to give a relationship with Jennifer a chance. However, Jennifer was too ashamed of the rape to tell him about it, driving another wedge between the couple.

8. Jack Proposes to Jennifer But It Doesn't Work

Jack Proposes to Jennifer But It Doesn't Work
When Jack and Jen came back from New York, Jack dressed as Santa, knocked over Jennifer's Christmas tree, and then proposed to her after he was finished scaring her to death. Jennifer said yes, but her difficulty dealing with Lawrence's rape of her made her skittish around Jack, and Jack thought that she was having an affair with Frankie. When Jack tried to kiss her one day, she blurted out that he was a rapist -- words meant for Lawrence, but which broke Jack's heart.

9. Eve/Jack/Jen/Frankie Quadrangle

Eve/Jack/Jen/Frankie Quadrangle
After Jennifer accidentally called Jack a rapist, he let her go, thinking she deserved a guy like Frankie instead. Meanwhile, Jack married Eve Donovan to get the money to stop Lawrence from buying the Spectator. That marriage was never consummated and eventually Frankie convinced Jennifer to tell Jack the truth about what Lawrence had done to her. Julie bought Eve out so that Jack could annul the marriage and return to Jennifer. Jack then supported Jennifer when she pressed charges against Lawrence.

10. Jack and Jennifer Finally Get Married

Jack and Jennifer Finally Get Married
Jack and Jennifer had a Wild West themed wedding, complete with Alice punching some cowboy who tried to kick her out of her seat! After exchanging vows, they went on their honeymoon, where they conceived their daughter, Abigail.

11. Medical Tragedy Strikes

Medical Tragedy Strikes
At first, Jack and Jennifer seemed to have settled down into a happy, traditional family life. But then Abigail developed aplastic anemia, and Jack found out that the disease was caused by toxic waste that Harper's company had dumped into the water supply years ago. Jack felt guilty about his daughter's illness and left town, leaving room for Peter Blake to swoop in to try to take his place in Jennifer and Abigail's lives.

12. Rescuing Jennifer from Peter

Rescuing Jennifer from Peter
Jack returned when he realized Peter, who had married Jennifer, had nefarious plans for her. After learning Peter planned to kidnap Jennifer and Abigail, Jack confronted him. Peter disappeared and was presumed dead, and Jack was arrested for his murder! Jennifer helped Jack break out of prison and the family went on the run, hiding in the circus while trying to prove Jack's innocence. Eventually, Peter tried again to kidnap Jennifer and Jack rescued her, proving he was no murderer and ensuring Peter was the one who went to jail.

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