Days of Our Lives Classic Couple Spotlight: Bo and Hope

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Days of Our Lives currently has Hope stuck in an on-again, off-again relationship with fellow detective Rafe Hernandez, who is always competing for her affections with an attorney with a secet

But back in the day, Hope was half of one the most popular couples in daytime! 

Bo and Hope's love story began when Hope was a bored 17-year-old rebelling against her upper-class family's expectations, and Bo was a working-class rebel on a motorcycle.

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Over the years, Bo and Hope's relationship was sometimes rocky, but Bo became a beloved member of the family who gave Hope four beautiful children (sadly, only two survived to adulthood).

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1. Bo and Hope meet when she is a teenager.

Bo and Hope meet when she is a teenager.
Bo met Hope in the bar Shenanigan's. He was intrigued by her and offered her a ride on his motorcycle, which she took despite the disapproval of her chaperone. Hope wouldn't give Bo her name, though he realized she was only in high school. He gave her a ride home anyway.

2. Hope's 18th birthday and Doug's heart attack.

Hope's 18th birthday and Doug's heart attack.
Bo realized Hope was only 17, so he couldn't fully be with her until she was of age. On her 18th birthday, the pair admitted their love to each other and were going to make love for the first time, but Doug walked in. The shock caused Doug to have a heart attack and a guilty Hope broke up with Bo.

3. Bo stops Hope's wedding to Larry Welch.

Bo stops Hope's wedding to Larry Welch.
Hope was all set to marry Larry Welch, a sleazy DA that wanted her trust fund, but Bo knew how unhappy she was. In one of DAYS' most famous sequences, he tricked Larry Welch, replacing Hope under the veil with a man, and spirited her away on his motorcycle. At first Hope was angry, but eventually she admitted her love for Bo. Unfortunately, Larry Welch's goons caught up with Hope and threatened to kill Bo and the rest of her family if she didn't marry Larry so she pushed Bo away and married a man she didn't love instead.

4. Roman "dies" in Bo's arms.

Roman "dies" in Bo's arms.
Hope eventually admitted her true feelings to Bo and the two conspired to expose Larry as the scum he was. Their plot led to a misadventure in which they were both imprisoned on one of Stefano's islands. Unfortunately, Bo's brother Roman fell from a cliff while trying to rescue them and a bereaved Bo, believing Roman to be dead, pushed Hope away again.

5. Bo gives Hope a reason to live.

Bo gives Hope a reason to live.
Hope joined the police force to forget Bo after Roman's apparent death. She was injured in the line of duty and became severely depressed. Bo professed his love to her and even proposed to her!

6. Bo and Hope finally make love for the first time!

Bo and Hope finally make love for the first time!
Bo and Hope went to New Orleans in search of a stolen prism but they found something much more valuable: each other. After spending a night in period costumes in Oak Alley, Bo carried Hope to the bedroom and they finally made love for the first time.

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