Chicago PD Season 5 Report Card: Saddest Moment, Standout Performance and More!

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And just like that, we've wrapped on yet another season of Chicago PD!

Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 22 was heartbreaking because it forced us to say goodbye to Alvin Olinsky. 

It'll be interesting to see what the writers come up with now that the cast and fans are equally divided when it comes to protagonist Hank Voight. 

Let's take a look back at some of our favorite, best, and worst moments of the season.

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1. Saddest Moment - Olinsky's Death

Saddest Moment - Olinsky's Death
This is a no-brainer. Chicago PD has its fair share of traumatic and heartwrenching moments, but nothing compares to the loss of a family member. Especially when that family member died protecting Srg. Voight and honoring their unspoken code. It was an unfair ending for the kindred spirit but it proved just how loyal he was to the team; he was ride or die till the very end. Although he was a man of few words, his presence will be greatly missed, and I hope that come Season 6, they will give him a proper send-off after tainting his name.

2. Most Satisfying Scene - Voight Taking Down Denny

Most Satisfying Scene - Voight Taking Down Denny
About damn time! Denny Woods has been in a pain in their backside for way too long, and Olinsky's death was just the last straw for Voight. It was so satisfying to see him beat Woods at his own game. I loved his face when he realized he'd been set up. However, I wish that Voight accomplished this before Olinsky's unnecessary death. It didn't take him and Osha long to come up with this takedown, so why did Olinksy have to make the ultimate sacrifice? Maybe his death opened up Osha's eyes, and Voight needed that kind of manpower to help him succeed?

3. Biggest Blunder - Ruzek's Undercover Backstory

Biggest Blunder - Ruzek's Undercover Backstory
On Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 19, Ruzek worked undercover with Ray, a man from his past who blamed him for being "wrongfully terminated." The backstory didn't make much sense, however. How did Ruzek have a chance to work the streets with this man? From what I remember, he was scooped up from the Academy by Olinsky when Intelligence needed an undercover and remained in the role since. It seems like a significant oversight on the writers' part, and sadly that lead to sloppy storytelling.

4. Most Improved Character - The Whole Cast

Most Improved Character - The Whole Cast
Lindsay's departure from the series allowed the rest of the cast to finally shine! Don't get me wrong, I loved Lindsay and seeing her leave weighed heavy on my heart. But following her exit, there was this freshness to the show. We began exploring all of the other actors -- their storylines, who they are, what pains them, what makes them tick.

When she was around, we barely scratched the surface when it came to Kim, Ruzek, Atwater, etc. But now they all have episodes dedicated to their narrative; we saw Atwater deal with raising his siblings, we saw Jay act on his broken heart and get personally involved with a woman while undercover, and we explored Upton's backstory and found out about her late partner. All of it made the ensemble that much stronger.

5. Biggest Letdown - Platt's Near Death Experience

Biggest Letdown - Platt's Near Death Experience
When the bomb went off on Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 15, it really seemed like the end for Platt. They had such an opportunity here to create a "will she or won't she" situation that fit naturally but instead, Platt came out relatively unscathed which was a bit of a stretch, even for television. Both the journalists on set were severely injured, and one even died from those injuries, but Platt just walked out of there! Obviously, I didn't want her to die, but If we're going to put characters in these situations, we can't save them only for the sake of convenience.

6. Weirdest Fashion Choice - Ruzek's Eyeliner

Weirdest Fashion Choice - Ruzek's Eyeliner
Ruzek wearing eyeliner this season was a thing that unfortunately happened. I don't have confirmation of it nor do I have any proof, but I saw it, and it was weird. A few other readers also noticed it and were confused by the makeup choice. There's never been any indication that Ruzek likes to shop at Sephora so why add this? Was it to make him look tougher? Did he look tired that day? Whatever the point, it backfired.

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