Bones Season 10: Best Episode, Favorite Booth and Brennan Moment, and More!

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6. Favorite Booth and Brennan Moment

Favorite Booth and Brennan Moment
Nothing compares to the moment when Brennan and Booth find out they are having another baby. Booth is so happy he somersaults over the bed, showing off a cute, giddy side of his character that we love. The look on Brennan's face is priceless (and she's also thrilled she can keep eating peanut butter cookies). The happy news will later mean they rethink their futures, but in this moment, it's pure joy.

7. Most Underutilized Character

Most Underutilized Character
Angela is one of the more interesting characters on the show, and she's also been there since the very beginning. But in Bones Season 10, she didn't feel like a central character at all. She's supposed to be Brennan's best friend, an artist, and an optimist, but those things rarely stood out this season. Sure, she had a few good conversations with Brennan and a few nice moments with Hodgins -- but otherwise, she wasn't a part of the story as much as she should have been.

8. New Favorite Squintern

New Favorite Squintern
Jessica Warren. Admittedly, she wasn't all that likeable to begin with, but in Bones Season 10, we get a chance to know her a little better, and now she's hard not to love. She's spunky, confident, and unique -- and isn't afraid to say what she thinks. (Hmmm, might she make a good match for Aubrey?!)

9. Plotline That Gave Us Whiplash

Plotline That Gave Us Whiplash
Angela and Hodgins deciding to move to Paris... then deciding to stay home afterall. Had the show ended with Bones Season 10, Angela and Hodgins moving away to Paris would have been a great happily-ever-after for them, especially since Angela has other hopes and dreams than working at The Jeffersonian. But, we wouldn't care for a new season without these two, so for now, it's a good think they've changed their minds.

10. Favorite Subplot

Favorite Subplot
Arastoo going away to Iran was such an interesting (and relevant) storyline. This was not only new hurdle for Cam and Arastoo's relationship, but we eventually got to see the characters go to Iran when Arastoo was kidnapped. In fact, Bones Season 10 Episode 19 might even get second place for best episode!

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