Best of 2014: Worst Plot Twists

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The TV Fanatic staff picked the best of the worst plot twists for 2014.

1. Ezra Isn't A -- Pretty Little Liars

Ezra Isn't A -- Pretty Little Liars
Worst plot twist was Ezra being A on Pretty Little Liars. It was yet ANOTHER fakeout. They gave us some really creepy scenes and a lair etc, only for it all to be for a book. They never stick to a bad guy! Now he's back in the fold helping out.

2. Tori -- Beauty and the Beast

Tori -- Beauty and the Beast
It was a really wasted opportunity to utilize a female beast on Beauty and the Beast when Tori died. By using her as a romantic foil for Cat and Vincent instead of exploring what she could offer both as a lady beast and a new, genetic beast was a terrible waste. Instead she died in a horribly written plotline that should never have happened.

3. Catherine's Exit -- Hawaii Five-0

Catherine's Exit -- Hawaii Five-0
Fans were understandably upset when Catherine Rollins ditched boyfriend Steve McGarrett to stay behind in Afghanistan in the finale of Season 3 of Hawaii Five-0. Catherine's unceremonious departure was the latest in a line of female supporting characters to get written out of the series one way or another; the way this exit was presented, especially given Catherine's relationship with Steve, left a bad taste in fans' mouths.

4. Sookie Winds Up with Random, Faceless Dude -- True Blood

Sookie Winds Up with Random, Faceless Dude -- True Blood
True Blood - After seven seasons of wondering who Sookie would end up with - will it be Bill? Eric? Alcide? Sam? - the answer ended up being a random, face-less stranger. First Alcide was killed off early in the season, then Bill killed himself (with Sookie's help) in the finale. Fans who stuck with the show through the end deserved better.

5. Daniel Dies -- Revenge

Daniel Dies -- Revenge
Killing Daniel Grayson on Revenge just when people were starting to like him again! He could've made a great ally for Emily, particularly against his mother and maybe even Malcolm Black but TPTB killed him off in what was the worst telegraphed death in series history. I'm hoping we come back from the hiatus to discover Agent Kate Taylor knocked Emily unconscious when they went over the rails and it was all a dream

6. Rachel Gives up her Dreams -- Glee

Rachel Gives up her Dreams -- Glee
All Rachel Berry has wanted her entire life is to be a Broadway star. Why then would Glee think fans would accept that Rachel would give up her dream role of Fanny Brice to star in a TV show, something there has never been any indication she might want? It didn't feel true to the character and instead is a weak plot twist designed to get Rachel back to Ohio for the final season.  

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