Penny Dreadful: 9 Unresolved Questions We Need Answered!!!!

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I don't know about you, but I'm still in mourning over the surprise announcement that Penny Dreadful Season 3 Episode 9 was actually the series finale.

The Showtime series was critically acclaimed for its writing, direction, and stellar performances, but pulled in chronically low ratings. Many suspected that the third season might be its last, but nothing was confirmed until after the season finale had aired, at which point it was re-branded as the series finale.

In the wake of the shocking ending, which tied up several plot lines and saw Vanessa Ives' series-long struggle come to a very final end, we're taking a look back and cataloging a few of the questions and stories that were left open-ended.

Here are nine questions which could (and should) be answered if Penny Dreadful manages to return somewhere, somehow, for a fourth season.

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1. Why wasn't Lyle at Vanessa's funeral?

Why wasn't Lyle at Vanessa's funeral?
Ferdinand Lyle and Vanessa Ives were true friends. Lyle was there for her when she had no one else and had sunk deep into a depression at the beginning of this season. I seriously can't bear the thought that he's off in Egypt with no idea that his beloved Miss Ives is dead. NOT OKAY.

2. Did Ethan seriously never find out what Victor did to Brona?!

Did Ethan seriously never find out what Victor did to Brona?!
Ethan loved Brona. We might not have shipped this couple as fervently as we did Ethan/Vanessa, but he clearly loved her and was distraught when she died. The fact that Dr. Frankenstein smothered Brona while she was on her death bed, mutilated her corpse to resurrect her, and then had sex with her (!!!) all remain secrets from Ethan. And Victor hugged Ethan. Victor, what the heck is wrong with you?

3. On that note: how did no one ever find out that Victor was resurrecting corpses?

On that note: how did no one ever find out that Victor was resurrecting corpses?
Beyond just Brona, Victor resurrected at least two other dead people (Proteus and Caliban). It's totally bizarre that the rest of the main group never discovered what he was doing. Vanessa, Sir Malcolm, Ethan -- they worked closely by Victor's side and never found out. That is so weird and there was so much untapped potential for drama there, had they found out.

4. Will Sir Malcolm get together with Dr. Seward or Catriona Hartdegen?

Will Sir Malcolm get together with Dr. Seward or Catriona Hartdegen?
It's not just me, right? It distinctly felt like they were "chemistry testing" for possible romantic connections between Sir Malcolm/Dr. Seward and Sir Malcolm/Catriona. He had great chemistry with both of them, and after his Evelyn Poole dating debacle in Season 2, I think the guy deserved some actual romantic love.

5. What badass thing will Catriona do next?

What badass thing will Catriona do next?
Catriona kind of swooped in out of nowhere towards the tail end of this season, being awesome and badass and dropping some killer one-liners. I feel personally deprived knowing now that we're not getting at least one full season of this awesome new character.

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