9 Television Presidents We'd Totally Vote For

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From The West Wing to Battlestar Galactica, television has been filled with memorable Presidents.

Which of these choices would earn your vote?

1. Jed Bartlet

Jed Bartlet
Jed Bartlet ruled over the West Wing and set the bar quite high for all fictional Presidents. Let Bartlet be Bartlet, people!

2. Henry Hayes

Henry Hayes
Henry Hayes sat in the Oval Office on SG-1. His portrayer, William Devane, will ALSO play the President on 24: Live Another Day.

3. Caroline Reynolds

Caroline Reynolds
Prison Break wasn't JUST about Wentworth Miller walking around shirtless. President Caroline Reynolds played a key role as well.

4. Fitzgerald Grant

Fitzgerald Grant
He's certainly the sexiest President on TV, wouldn't you say? Fitzgerald Grant just can't stay away from Olivia Pope.

5. Elias Martinez

Elias Martinez
The Event fell apart pretty quickly. But Blair Underwood, as President Elias Martinez, did all he could to keep it afloat.

6. MacKenzie Allen

MacKenzie Allen
Her rule was not very long, as Commander in Chief didn't even last a full season on ABC. But don't blame that on any decisions MacKenzie Allen made in office!

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