12 Shocking Deaths on The Walking Dead

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What was the most shocking death in The Walking Dead history?

We go back in time and relive a bunch here.

1. Axel

He was the last surviving prison inmate of the group and his unexpected death was at the hands of the opening shots of the Governor's first assault on the prison. It was the calm before the storm.

2. Shane

This felt like a long time coming, but Rick was forced to kill his once best friend. On top of that, the undead version of Shane was eliminated by Carl in order to save Rick. Shane just wouldn't stay down.

3. T-Dog

Maybe it was shocking T-Dog lasted as long as he did, but he became that underdog to root for. He also went out a hero, letting himself be bitten so Carol could survive.

4. Otis

This friend of Hershel's family may not have lasted long, but the fact that Shane shot him in order to survive was a surprise. Who knew Shane had it him?

5. Sophia

Her storyline may have dragged on, but it was still a shock to see Sophia stumble out of the barn as a walker. It was a powerful way to end the midseaon finale of The Walking Dead Season 2, especially with Rick finishing her off for good.

6. Lizzie

She was crazy to begin with, but the fact that Carol killed Lizzie revealed just how dark the world has become. And it was a bold move by the show itself to not back out from such a controversial death.

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