9 Reasons Phil Dunphy is TV's Best Dad

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We think Modern Family's Phil Dunphy should win an award for best TV dad. Here are 9 reasons why.

1. He's a Positive Influence.

He's a Positive Influence.
If anyone has a positive attitude, it's Phil Dunphy. He's enthusiastic, too!

2. He Makes Holidays Special.

He Makes Holidays Special.
No one does the holidays like the Dunphy family, and Phil sees to it that every holiday is a memorable one.

3. He's Very Cool (Or, Tries to Be).

He's Very Cool (Or, Tries to Be).
Phil tries his best to be the cool dad, even though the results are usually the opposite.

4. He's Invested in His Children's Education.

He's Invested in His Children's Education.
Whether it's helping with a project or showing up for career day with a detailed presentation, Phil is always invested in what his kids are doing at school -- even if the results aren't always great.

5. He's a Mentor.

He's a Mentor.
Phil Dunphy has a lot to teach his children and plenty of advice to give.

6. He's Protective.

He's Protective.
Phil makes sure any guy that comes around his daughters treats them right.

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