51 Outstanding Madi-Focused Scenes from The 100

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It is hard to remember The 100 without Madi Griffin there to steal the show with all her wonderful scenes. 

Having Madi is great because of the way she adds to the story individually, while at the same time also allowing Clarke to have this kind of love for her daughter that pushes her to do better. 

Madi has been a source of humor, surprise, and excitement. But Madi is human and that means she ended up in situations that weren't as healthy too, like with the way Sheidheda was able to take over her mind during The 100 Season 6

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Through it all though, Madi has become an example of strength and of love saving the day when it really needs to.

Madi's love for Clarke is what saved the both of them and it is what will continue to bring their stories light.

Getting to collect a slideshow full of Madi moments worth appreciating was a truly fun job that serves as a reminder of how skilled Lola Flanery is in this role. It is also the perfect reminder that you can watch The 100 online while we wait for more Madi scenes next season. 

1. Madi's Discovering the Power of a Delicious Cookie

Madi's Discovering the Power of a Delicious Cookie
There is nothing as pure as Madi trying a cookie for the first time, a treat that she deserved since she survived Praimfaya and that hopefully, she will get to try again soon.

2. It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Flying Madi

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Flying Madi
Never forget just how much Madi can accomplish with the element of surprise on her side and Clarke possibly in danger. There is just something so perfectly epic about Madi saving the day like we all knew she could.

3. Madi's Summer Camp Adventure Diaries

Madi's Summer Camp Adventure Diaries
Lola Flanery's line delivery here sells the scene all on its own. Nightblood Training Camp might not be for everyone, but Madi trying to have fun and Clarke micromanaging was as adorable as it was relatable.

4. Madi and Diyoza's Growing Support System

Madi and Diyoza's Growing Support System
This scene may be underrated, but it is worth all the love it is about to get. Diyoza and Madi bonded from their brief missions against the Children of Gabriel, and it's so meaningful that Madi then wanted to leave with Diyoza. It goes to show how loyal Madi is to the people she calls her own.

5. Bellamy and Madi Collectively Breaking Our Hearts

Bellamy and Madi Collectively Breaking Our Hearts
We knew that Clarke wasn't actually dead, and yet this scene still ripped our hearts right out of our chests. Bellamy and Madi's relationship still always manages to make us so happy because there's nothing better than watching Clarke's favorite people on screen together.

6. Madi Griffin: The Bellarke Whisperer

Madi Griffin: The Bellarke Whisperer
How can you not love the scene where the iconic radio calls were mentioned? Madi delivers on a lot of things but her intervention between Bellamy and Clarke is the icing on the cake. She said something when no one else would have, and we love her so much for it.

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