49 New Shows for 2014-2015

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Here's a look at a handful of shows across the dial that have received a green light for the 2014-2015 season schedule.

1. Gotham

Gotham tells the origin story of this famous city. It will follow detective Gordon and many familiar faces when they were young.

2. Battle Creek

Battle Creek
Battle Creek is anchored in Michigan and stars Dean Winters and Josh Duhamel as two detectives with opposing world views. Producer by...

3. Constantine

Constantine stars Matt Ryan and Lucy Griffiths and is based on a comic book. The title character is a supernatural detective tasked with...

4. judge

Kate Walsh is a bad judge on Bad Judge. She's a sexually charged, unapologetic woman who plays with the law.

5. American Crime

American Crime
American Crime is set in the Central Valley of California. It stars a diverse cast, led by Felicty Huffman, and it tracks the lives of...

6. A to Z

A to Z
Cristin Milioti and Ben Feldman star in a romantic comedy set within the world of online dating.

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