38 Hottest 'Ships of Fall 2018!

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7. Conrad and Nic - The Resident

Conrad and Nic - The Resident
These two are so perfect together it's sickening, but they're badass medical professionals so they can make you feel better if you're dying from cuteness overload. CoNic is everything! Status:Trouble might be on the horizon, but they're going to work through it. They freaking have to, OK?!

8. Sara and Ava - DC Legends of Tomorrow

Sara and Ava - DC Legends of Tomorrow
It's like Sara and Ava skipped a lot of steps, and now they're the established couple of the series and playing Time parents to a horde of unruly, kooky, misfit heroes. It's the cutest thing ever! Status:The Time moms and their time children are alright!

9. Athena and Bobby - 9-1-1

Athena and Bobby - 9-1-1
This pairing seemingly came out of nowhere, but it worked the second it was into play. Bobby and Athena have each experienced hardships, but they are made for each other. Status: Bobby found a new love and a new family. These two are in it for a lifetime. Please, keep it that way!

10. Jack and Rebecca - This Is Us

Jack and Rebecca - This Is Us
Only This Is Us would have us falling in love and shipping an epic romance all over again. The third season is exploring their beginning, Jack Pearson at any age and any stage in his life will still make anyone swoon. Status: Tragically beautiful.

11. Max and Helen - New Amsterdam

Max and Helen - New Amsterdam
Max and Helen have the type of chemistry that can best be described as lightning in a bottle, so it's no wonder Sharpwin is the most popular 'ship. They may have did too good of a job selling us on their friendship! Status: Max is married with a kid on the way, so it's probably not gonna happen. Shippers are gonna 'ship though.

12. John and Lucy - The Rookie

John and Lucy - The Rookie
John found his calling and a love interest when he attended the police academy. These two are so hot together that it's criminal. Status: On a break for the sake of professionalism, but they can't stay away from each other for long, now can they?

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