35 Worthy Contenders if Emmy Recognition was Fair!

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7. Joseph Sikora - Power

Joseph Sikora - Power
What will it take for this guy to get some props? Sikora is one of those actors who you've seen in practically everything, and yet, Tommy Egan is his most notable and familiar television role to date. It's also a role one can't help but gush over because he's spectacular. He puts out the most consistent and impressive performance on the series playing this rich, complex character. Tommy is a hardened, crazed criminal, drug dealer, and murderer but he also has a loyalty, devotion, and vulnerability that is most compelling and makes him the character one roots for the most even when he screws up, which is often. It's a disgrace that he hasn't so much as been nominated for ANYTHING for this role.

8. Hannah John-Kamen - Killjoys

Hannah John-Kamen  - Killjoys
Hannah studied and trained in drama, and it actually shows because she gives a killer performance on Killjoys. There's a reason she is hailed a breakout star. It's the fourth season of Hannah dazzling viewers with her portrayal of the contradictory, multi-layered Dutch. She masters all the intricacies of the character, and if that isn't enough, she portrays Dutch's doppelganger, Aneela, too. It's a pity that Killjoys, but Hannah, in particular, is overlooked. You can once again chalk it up to sci-fi genre and the network. It's the final season of Killjoys, and while it's likely that Hannah John-Kamen won't have hardware in her hand to commemorate her work in this role, it's unacceptable.

9. Code Black

Code Black
The only thing more criminal than Code Black's cancellation and lack of buzz is the fact that it rarely received the accolades and recognition that it deserved. Medical dramas are a dime a dozen. What separated Code Black from the others, however, was that it was more medical drama than soap opera. It didn't revolve around messy relationships, nor did the series glitz and glam up the field or those practicing within it. It was grounded, real, and smartly written, Even with changes and shifts, the cast remained strong. It was the best and most underrated medical series on the air, and it deserved more acclaim.

10. Bob Morley - The 100

Bob Morley - The 100
The 100 is no stranger to solid actors giving great performances, but let's take a moment to discuss Bob Morley. No one conveys emotion the way that he does. Morley shows viewers the many sides of Bellamy, beyond the tough exterior and difficult to read persona that keeps others at a distance. It takes skill to expound upon what's already written and flesh the character out into this fan-favorite, but Morley does just that. He's been acknowledged with Teen Choice awards and won E! Online awards, but why not an esteemed Emmy?

11. The Fosters

The Fosters
The Fosters is one of the best family dramas in existence. It's right up there with many of the classics, but it barely received the type of acclaim outside of niche awards specific to certain demographics. It should have earned so much more than that. One can't help but wonder if things would have been different had The Fosters aired on its parent network, ABC. ABC Family/Freeform is a network that isn't considered a contender of the same caliber as other premium networks, the big three, etc..

12. Teri Polo - The Fosters

Teri Polo - The Fosters
Teri Polo gave the performance of a lifetime during the final season of The Fosters. She completely stole the season from the others, and if there was ever a time for her (and the show) to generate some Emmy or any other type of buzz it was this year. Yet, nothing. She easily could have and should have been in a "Best Actress in a Drama" category right up there with many of the others who have become staples in the category.

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