39 Shocking TV Deaths

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7. Nicholas Brody

Nicholas Brody
Nicholas Brody's character might have run out of story on Homeland but that doesn't make his death any less shocking. Fans loved seeing him go up against Carrie...in every meaning of the phrase.

8. Matthew Crawley

Matthew Crawley
Dan Stevens wanted to leave Downton Abbey so the writers and producers KILLED MATTHEW CRAWLEY to make sure the character/actor could never return. Yikes!

9. Tara Knowles

Tara Knowles
Gemma THOUGHT she would get away with murdering Tara Knowles on Sons of Anarchy but she was found out in the end. RIP Tara!

10. Vincent Nigel-Murray

Vincent Nigel-Murray
The loveable, brilliant English squintern was constantly spouting off random bits of trivia to hide his insecurities. Everyone, especially the fans, were shocked when he was murdered by a sniper's bullet meant for Agent Booth. (His death also marked the night Bones magically got pregnant with Christine in a hookup fans never got to see.)

11. Harrison Wright

Harrison Wright
Another shocking Scandal death, Harrison Wright's departure at the hands of Papa Pope was expected given Columbus Short's real-life need for Olivia Pope but that didn't make the mood around OPA any less somber after they received images of his toe tag on a morgue slab. Of course, we never saw his FACE so there's always a chance Papa Pope just faked Harrison's death...

12. Vicki Donovan

Vicki Donovan
Vicki Donovan's death during The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 7 was shocking because it set the tone for the entire series. NO ONE IS SAFE. Vicki was also the first vampire transition of the series and the first supernatural death.

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