33 Shamefully Addictive Reality Shows We Can't Stop Watching!

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7. The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race
Who wouldn't want to race around the world for a million dollars?! There are so many reasons why this show is addictive. For one, there aren't too many other shows where you can catch a glimpse of countries and regions you've always wanted to see from the comfort of your couch. The competition itself can be intense as the pairs of competitors can finish their challenges and still face elimination if they miss the mat by a second. It's a crash course in other cultures from the comfort of your living room, and when it's all said and done, you're left rooting on your favorite team hoping they make it to the last leg of the race and win that million bucks!

8. America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent
This summer competition show is one of the best out there. It's also one of the best talent shows on the air. It's hard not to get wrapped up in the heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of everyday people from all over who are pursuing their dream. Some of the talents will leave you awestruck and others are utterly absurd. Throw in the judges' commentary and an audience that will turn quick, and you have some prime viewing.

9. Teen Mom

Teen Mom
Initially, MTV tried to pretend as if this series was about the hardships and struggles of teen girls having children at a young age, and they hoped to discourage the behavior. Ha, but really, the show is a complete and utter trainwreck of a show and trash. The message may have gotten lost when you think about the fact that most of the teen girls have a gaggle of kids now, so it's more about watching their individual journeys through parenthood, relationships, and life. Most of them are hot messes, but that is what makes the show so addictive.

10. Running Wild with Bear Grylls

Running Wild with Bear Grylls
The only thing better than watching a survivalist reality show is watching one that guest-stars your favorite celebrities. There's nothing like seeing well-known actors, entertainers, athletes, and even a POTUS completely out of their element by spending a day out in the elements with world-renowned survivalist, Bear Grylls. They learn survival techniques, are forced to eat whatever they can find or catch, and they talk about their life with the ever-charming Grylls. Zac Efron's episode is hands down one of the best ones, but every time it's an entertaining (and sometimes emotional) ordeal.

11. 90 Day Fiancé

90 Day Fiancé
This show doesn't have a solution to the Immigration debate in this country, but it does have nonstop entertainment that showcases the best and worst of America and abroad. There are scammers, gold diggers, mail-order brides, catfish, and genuine lovers. Americans and their foreign lovers have to juggle the intricacies of the immigration system, disapproving families, cultural differences, language barriers, and so much more while planning and getting married in the 90-day timeframe necessary, as well as deal with the ramifications of all of that beyond those 90 days. Among the fistfights, opportunists, gold diggers, xenophobia and racism, there are real love stories. You just have to dig a little to find some of them.

12. American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior
One of the most wholesome and intense shows out there, the only one to beat on this reality competition is the obstacle course. All the competitors genuinely root for one another, want others to do well, and support one another. It's a beautiful thing. Also, the stories and competitors are inspiring and will move you to tears. There is nonstop action, and it's as exciting as rooting for your team to win during a sports game, except you're rooting for everyone to win. Plus, it has so many celebrity fans and familiar faces. Stephen Amell took on the course himself before, and the stuntwoman for Supergirl, Jessie Graff, is a beast!

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