33 Greatest Ships in Sitcom History

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7. Fran and Max - The Nanny

Fran and Max - The Nanny
It took 5 seasons for Fran and Max to pull it together, but after years of tension, they finally realized they were meant to be and got married.

8. Monica and Chandler - Friends

Monica and Chandler - Friends
Both Monica and Chandler had multiple love interests on the show, but they never really clicked with any of them. Chandler was the goofball and Monica was the perfectionist that often found him annoying. But after one hookup in another country, they couldn't stay away from each other ever again.

9. Eric and Donna - That 70's Show

Eric and Donna - That 70's Show
Eric and Donna were the main couple on That 70's Show. No matter what other things were happening on the series, you were always concerned with their relationship. Eric and Donna were somehow extremely different and similar, and they ended up being perfect for each other.

10. Hot Lips Houlihan and Frank Burns - M*A*S*H

Hot Lips Houlihan and Frank Burns - M*A*S*H
Margaret and Franks had a quite a while ride. Frank did some things he shouldn't have, and in return, it created an off again, on again dynamic that just couldn't work. But we still wish these two would've been able to find a way.

11. Carrie and Mr. Big - Sex and the City

Carrie and Mr. Big - Sex and the City
Carrie and Mr. Big have one of the most complicated stories in sitcom history. They've broken up multiple times, but Carrie still spent almost the entire series being head over heels for him. Carrie eventually moves on, but Mr. Big realizes just how much he loves Carrie and refuses to give up on her.

12. Amy and Karma - Faking It

Amy and Karma - Faking It
Faking It was literally just one big rom-com about Amy and Karma figuring out how in love with each other they were. We're still bitter the show got canceled before they could give their relationship a fair chance.

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