31 Characters Who Surprised Us With Their Amazing Vocals

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7. Archie Andrews (Riverdale)

Archie Andrews (Riverdale)
Archie's musical talent was kind of a big deal in season one -- it was how Miss Grundy got into his pants after all -- but not anymore. These days he's more into committing felonies and standing shirtless while making threats on camera surrounded by his fellow gang members. But when Archie stops being Archie long enough to pick up a guitar and a mic, he actually sounds amazing.

8. Lavinia Peck-Foster (Trial And Error)

Lavinia Peck-Foster (Trial And Error)
She's evil, she's classy, and she knows how to bewitch the people of East Peck with a voice fit for the Opera. In the second season of this mockumentary-styled show, she leads the town in a 16-minute song called Light Of Our Lives in remembrance of Mickey Moose, the town's celebrity moose who had just passed.

9. Batman (The brave And The Bold)

Batman (The brave And The Bold)
The Music Meister showed up in Gotham to cause the usual mayhem and destruction by singing at a specific frequency that can hypnotize people. What he wasn't counting on was the caped crusader having a set of vocal chords to match his. Music Meister was taken by surprise, and so were we.

10. Karma Ashcroft (Faking It)

Karma Ashcroft (Faking It)
Amy and karma were thick as thieves since childhood until that staged kiss brought a lot of Amy's suppressed feelings bubbling to the surface. As a result, cracks began to form between them, and at a point, they stopped talking to each other. Well, that is until Karma brought a guitar and some grade-A pipes to her soulmate's window and wooed Amy all over again.

11. Jessica Day (New Girl)

Jessica Day (New Girl)
Whether you knew it or not, you've been listening to Jess singing the New Girl theme song for the whole duration of this show. She also takes every chance she gets to put everything into a song. Annoying as it may sometimes be, we can't deny she has a surprisingly decent tenor.

12. Andy Bernard (The Office)

Andy Bernard (The Office)
Andy is well-known for his love of music, along with his banjo and guitar-playing skills. But, before he became synonymous with those things, "Nard Dog" first put himself on everyone's radar when he sang an acapella version of Drift Away in the car with Jim. We really hope he has returned to Cornell and mentored his former acapella group to stardom.

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