31 Best Shows of 2017 You're Not Watching!

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7. Queen Sugar

Queen Sugar
If you give OWN's Queen Sugar a try, I promise you, you will not regret it. Queen Sugar is about everything: family, legacy, heritage, love, and business. The Bordelon siblings learning how to come together and take care of their father's farm barely scratches the surface of this engrossing, complex, beautiful family drama.

In fact, the second season of this underrated sleeper hit delved deeper into the characters' past and individual issues exploring love and loss within their relationships. Not to mention, with its exploration of the agricultural business, a big bad emerged and the fight to protect their land has raised the stakes in new and exciting ways.

8. Chance

I mean, it's Hugh Laurie. What else needs to be said? Yes, Hugh Laurie was starring in this Hulu show right under your noses and many of you didn't even realize it. Here's another shocking tidbit, it just ended the SECOND season!

Chance is about a troubled forensic neuropsychiatrist (yes, another doctor!) who finds himself wrapped up in the dangerous but exciting life of his patient who has a split personality disorder. There's intrigue, corruption, mental illness, and family drama. It's a critically acclaimed show that few critics even tackled (but TV Fanatic did, so check out the reviews!), but it flew under the radar. So, give it a chance!

9. Legion

FX got in on their very own Marvel show with Legion. It follows a schizophrenic mutant who eventually discovers that there is more to him that he can offer to the world. It's surreal, refreshing, and visually appealing. It has so much to offer, so you may want to check it out.

10. Greenleaf

OWN has another juicy family drama on its network, and it goes by Greenleaf. For some reason, this show generates even less buzz than Queen Sugar, and it's a crying shame. Greenleaf is about a successful family whose business happens to be a megachurch.

If Queen Sugar is a slightly less soapy version of Dallas, then Greenleaf is like Empire with a Christian flair. There are mysteries, secrets, and lies, backstabbing, scheming and plotting, and so many scandals. Don't let the church theme fool you, this show is scandalous and oh so good!

11. Marvel's Runaways

Marvel's Runaways
This Hulu web TV series mixes something pretty standard: teenagers rebelling against their parents except with a superhero twist to it. Because in this case, their parents really are a criminal group worth rebelling against. It's a teen drama, action-adventure, and superhero show wrapped up in one.

12. Mindhunter

Another Netflix show that is criminally underrated, this one delved deep into the human psyche. It's about two FBI agents who paved the way for behavioral profiling of serial killers by attempting to study and understand the minds of psychopaths. Think Criminal Minds with a bit more edge.

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