27 Young Old Married Couples

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7. Lily and Marshall - How I Met Your Mother

Lily and Marshall - How I Met Your Mother
Lily and Marshall acted like an old married couple in a more conventional way. While they didn't argue often, they participated in more subdued activities. When they weren't out playing Bingo, they were sitting on the couch in their snuggies.

8. Jake and Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jake and Amy are married, but they've only been husband and wife for a year. They're extremely loving and tender with each other, but they also have no trouble showing their angry and more competitive side. Jake and Amy are the best of both worlds.

9. Sam and Diane - Cheers

Sam and Diane - Cheers
Sam and Diane are the OG old married couple. Their banter and hilarious interactions made them stand out from other couples at the time, and they're still one of our favorite pairings to this day.

10. Dan and Blair - Gossip Girl

Dan and Blair - Gossip Girl
Dan and Blair weren't just two people who got on each other's nerves. They were also two intellectuals who enjoyed talking about literature, film, and art. We wish they would have stuck together to see what they would have acted like when they actually were an old married couple.

11. Lucifer and Chloe - Lucifer

Lucifer and Chloe - Lucifer
Chloe's everyday annoyance with Lucifer mixed with his witty attitude makes it seem like they've been married for years. Chloe is so over his arrogance, yet she loves him anyway.

12. Penelope and Schneider - One Day at a Time

Penelope and Schneider - One Day at a Time
Now that One Day at a Time has been saved, we have hope that Penelope and Schneider may finally become something more. But they already act like a married couple anyway, so we'd be okay if they didn't make things official.

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