27 Times Sam and Dean Sizzled on Supernatural

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7. Shirtless Sam

Shirtless Sam
We swoon anytime Sam is on screen, but when he's shirtless, oh my, our hearts (and heat) go into overdrive!

8. Doctors Sam and Dean

Doctors Sam and Dean
If Sam and Dean were real doctors, a lot of people would be calling in sick on a regular basis. Who wouldn't one of these hunks checking us over to make sure all was okay?

9. The New James Bond?

The New James Bond?
We don't think anyone would mind Dean Winchester taking a spin at being James Bond for a day or two. He's got everything he needs to be a good spy: an arsenal of cool weapons, the ability to get himself out of impossible jams, women clamoring for his attention, and most importantly: dashing good looks!

10. An Angelic Tryst

An Angelic Tryst
Out of all of Dean's many romances, his tryst with Anna was the sexiest of all. Not only did Anna get cozy with one of the Winchester brothers, but she got her groove on in the back of Dean's most precious possession.

11. Well, I Say

Well, I Say
Not everyone can get away with wearing sunglasses at night, but when Sam and Dean do it, it's doubly delicious time. Sure, they were mocking some other cop show that shall not be named, but they need to do something to entertain themselves as they investigate suspicious cases nonstop!

12. Never Meant to Be

Never Meant to Be
Jessica was the love of Sam's life and they shared many special moments together, including this one. Unfortunately, Jessica was brutally murdered in the same fashion as Mary Winchester leaving Sam with nothing but joining his brother in the family business.

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Castiel: Knowing you has changed me. Because you cared, I cared. I cared about the whole world because of you. You changed me, Dean.
Dean: Why does this sound like a goodbye?
Castiel: I love you.