27 Times Sam and Dean Sizzled on Supernatural

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Sam and Dean have lived life on the road for years now, hunting everything from simple monsters to big bad demons and angels -- even helping out a few good ghosts from time to time.

Over the years, their adventures have gotten more serious and there hasn't been too much time for fun, but back in the day, they had a healthy work-life balance.

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Lots of times that fun included romancing women. Other times it was just dressing up as outrageous characters just to solve a case or being goofy for no reason at all.

But in every instance, Sam and Dean's magic heated up the small screen.

Here are 27 of those times!

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1. I'm Gene. This is Ace.

I'm Gene. This is Ace.
Although this was part of the gag reel and not the actual episode (Season 1 Episode 14: Nightmare), seeing Sam and Dean dressed up as wanna-be Chippendale dancers (we can pretend the priest collar is a bowtie, can't we?) was fun and sexy.

2. What Could Have Been

What Could Have Been
The possibility that Dean had a child was titillating, but it wasn't to be. Still, Dean and Lisa's relationship was hot and one of the most genuine of his troubled life.

3. The Hottest One of All

The Hottest One of All
Sam and Ruby shared a lot during the course of their relationship, and it turned into so much more than sharing just demon blood. This particular scene was blazing hot and as much as we hated the idea of Sam getting it on with Ruby, we just couldn't turn away.

4. It's All There

It's All There
Dean needed to make sure that he was intact after his visit to Hell, and we were treated to a glimpse of Dean's super abs! Yum!

5. Ride 'Em Cowboy

Ride 'Em Cowboy
Anytime Sam and Dean don disguises, it's hot, but none were as hot as their wearing cowboy attire. Yeeha!

6. Love The Darkness

Love The Darkness
Dean set Amara free and the two were drawn to each other in unexplainable ways. Eventually, Dean helped her reunite with her brother and she left him one of the greatest gifts he ever received.

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