27 Smooth Sailing TV 'Ships

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7. Glenn and Maggie, The Walking Dead

Glenn and Maggie, The Walking Dead
If Glenn and Maggie can find a way to make it work while zombies are taking over the world and killling all of their friends, then every other obstacle they can possibly face is obsolete, except maybe death. We've got our fingers crossed that they stay alive and well.

8. Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation

Leslie and Ben, Parks and Recreation
"I love you and I like you," are not words you hear a couple say to each other on television very often, yet for Leslie and Ben it always came easily. After a brief (and literal) trial to be together, Leslie and Ben took the happiness express through the rest of their lives, and never looked back.

9. Niles and Daphne, Frasier

Niles and Daphne, Frasier
Niles and Daphne has a long road to romance, and lucky for viewers, after she got into that winnebago it was only the beginning for these two. It really is possible for a couple to only get better after they get together!

10. Mike and Carol, The Brady Bunch

Mike and Carol, The Brady Bunch
Mike and Carol Brady never failed to teach us valuable lessons about family and friendship. They also taught us that a marriage can function just fine when the only drama involved is whether or not someone forgot to get milk at the grocery store.

11. Chandler and Monica, Friends

Chandler and Monica, Friends
These two were unlucky in love until they both realized that their soulmate lived right across the hall. Unlike that other couple from Friends, these two fell in love and stayed in love.

12. Michael and Fiona, Burn Notice

Michael and Fiona, Burn Notice
After a will they/won't they romance, these spy exes rekindled their love, faked their deaths and ended up raising Michael's nephew together, living happily ever after. These two were a textbook example of how every spy drama should handle romance.

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