27 Breakups That Broke Our Hearts

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7. Burke and Cristina, Grey's Anatomy

Burke and Cristina, Grey's Anatomy
The image of Christina, a pile of emotion on the floor after being left at the altar by Burke, is burned into our memories. Even more gut wrenching? The moment she shouts that she can’t breathe, and Meredith cuts her out of her wedding dress. If you didn’t cry, you’re a robot.

8. The Doctor and Rose, Doctor Who

The Doctor and Rose, Doctor Who
This might be one of the harder pills to swallow if you were a fan of the couple. Rose never even got to hear the Doctor finish telling her that he loved her before they were ripped away from each other forever in the time vortex. Are you crying again just thinking about it? Sorry. We’ll grab you a tissue.

9. Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl
Remember when Chuck tried to set up Blair to sleep with his creeper uncle, and the greatest romance in Gossip Girl history was destroyed? Yeah, we do too, though we’d prefer to forget it. We know they got a happy ending eventually, but nothing will make us forget the look on Blair’s face when she realized what was actually happening.

10. Burgess and Ruzek, Chicago P.D.

Burgess and Ruzek, Chicago P.D.
We suppose the writing was on the wall. He wanted to postpone the wedding and then they delayed moving in together. But it doesn’t change the fact that the breakup of “Burzek” was an emotional gut punch that fans of Chicago P.D. weren’t ready for.

11. Carrie and Aidan, Sex and the City

Carrie and Aidan, Sex and the City
Sure, we all knew that Aidan was never going to be as exciting as Mr. Big. Butit was no e xcuse for Carrie to treat Aidan like crap. After accepting his marriage proposal, she refused to wear her engagement ring. When Aidan asked her why, she didn’t have a good answer, and he walked away from her, for good. This breakup didn’t leave us broken hearted for Carrie…our hearts ached for Aidan, the perfect guy that Carrie tossed aside.

12. Danny and Mindy, The Mindy Project

Danny and Mindy, The Mindy Project
Mindy and Danny’s first kiss on the airplane was some kind of sexy, and fans were excited to see that the two characters were finally going to connect. Fast forward just two episodes, to the moment when Danny ended his romance with Mindy before it could even begin.

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