25 TV Characters Who Would Make Great Fitness Friends

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7. Alaric - Legacies

Alaric - Legacies
Alaric has always been a fierce fighter. He started off as a vampire hunter but his role has evolved into headmaster, overall monster hunter, and Hope's personal trainer. Just a quick look at their boxing session proves that Ric will have you thinking on your feet and being more in-tune with your body. He's not just a trainer, he's a mentor and he'll continuously push you to excel.

8. Jane, Celeste, Madeline - Big Little Lies

Jane, Celeste, Madeline - Big Little Lies
Join the Monterrey mommy running club and you'll meet your goals! Let's face it, working out alone can be a tad boring, but you'll be ten times more motivated if your friends are in it with you. Sure, Celeste, Jane and Madeline may be running from their problem, but they've also come out stronger and more confident.

9. Rafael - Jane the Virgin

Rafael - Jane the Virgin
On Tuesday's and Thursday's, he does biceps and triceps, and on Sunday's he blasts his core. His words, not ours. When he walks into a room, everyone immediately notices how ripped he is; his muscular arms and his impressive six-pack dazzle. As he once told Michael when he attempted to train him: the goal to success is just "prioritizing it." So grab those weights and lift, lift, lift.

10. Antonio Dawson and Jay Halstead - Chicago PD

Antonio Dawson and Jay Halstead - Chicago PD
You have to maintain your physical endurance when you're chasing dangerous criminals through the streets of Chicago. Dawson and Halstead's work ethic paired with their no-nonsense attitude would make them tough drill sergeants. And if you're really interested, Antonio also has experience training people in the ring. No excuses are going to work with these guys!

11. Olivia Benson - SVU

Olivia Benson - SVU
When she realized she wasn't in good enough shape to chase the bad guys anymore, Olivia Benson hired a personal trainer to return to her glory days. Given her background and resilient nature, she'd make an incredible coach that wouldn't let anything slide. And she'd definitely know if you had a "cheat day.”

12. Xander Kiriakis -Days of Our Lives

Xander Kiriakis -Days of Our Lives
He might be a villain who is also considered to be dead, but the one thing you can be sure of is that Xander works out regularly. There’s a reason why the show has him shirtless at least half the time. We might not see it onscreen, but it’s obvious Xander practically lives at the gym.

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