25 Hot Monsters We Can't Help But Love

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7. Vincent - Beauty and the Beast

Vincent - Beauty and the Beast
You know who had reason to cry? Vincent. He went to war after 9/11 and do you know what he got? I'll tell you. He was part of a government experiment that turned him into a monster. That sexy bastard had to go into hiding for years until he found his Catherine. Somehow, it only made him more desirable to women. Go figure.

8. Bonnie - The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie - The Vampire Diaries
Bonnie is a monster of a different sort. She was like a pot luck, a little of everything depending on which time she died. Yeah, she was whipped around the otherworld like a half-eaten bag of chips. Still, she was never undesirable, even if she did too much crying like all TVD characters.

9. Stefan - The Vampire Diaries

Stefan - The Vampire Diaries
The hope was to make the Salvatore brothers look as innocent as possible while they were monsterous as any vampires were ever going to be. Sexy Stefan was known as The Ripper. Still, kinda hot.

10. Pam - True Blood

Pam - True Blood
Pam took sassiness to an entirely new level. She made it a sport and was the perfect vampire as a result. With snark and sizzling sex appeal oozing out of her bloodless body, she got away with a lot.

11. Derek - Teen Wolf

Derek - Teen Wolf
Werewolves are a hot property across the board, as is noted by Teen Wolf's Derek. It was a long time without him on the show, right?

12. Ruby - Once Upon a Time

Ruby - Once Upon a Time
It's a place for fairytales, so what better place for a werewolf to show up and go after her grandmother? Talk about a different spin on Little Red Riding Hood! This Ruby would have fooled anyone with her sultry looks.

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