25 BEST Glee Performances of All-Time

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7. Thriller / Heads Will Roll - Glee Season 2

Thriller / Heads Will Roll - Glee Season 2
Who doesn't love a good "Thriller" cover, complete with accompanying dance sequence? Right? That's why it's on the list.

8. Landslide - Glee Season 2

Landslide - Glee Season 2
It was the moment Santana realized she was willing to give it all up for Brittany. "Landslide" thrust Naya Rivera's character into the spotlight and we're forever thankful for that moment.

9. Loser Like Me - Glee Season 2

Loser Like Me - Glee Season 2
After nearly two complete seasons, fans began to wonder if we'd ever see an original song on Glee. "Loser Like Me" filled the gap and even got some radio play!

10. For Good - Glee Season 2

For Good - Glee Season 2
While the fandom longed for couples Finchel and Klaine to be together forever, "For Good" marked the moment when Rachel and Kurt's friendship became the show's central story.

11. Cool - Glee Season 3

Cool - Glee Season 3
Mike Chang finally got a story of his own when he faced his parents about his love for dancing during Glee Season 3's "Asian F" when the New Directions put on Westside Story.

12. Rumour Has It / Someone Like You - Glee Season 3

Rumour Has It / Someone Like You - Glee Season 3
During part of Glee Season 3, Santana, Mercedes, Brittany, and Sugar formed their own group, the Trouble Tones, under the direction of Shelby Corcoran. The "Rumour Has It / Someone Like You" mashup was the highlight of their program.

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