23 'Ships Of 2018 That Need To Crash

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13. Jane and Ben or Pinstripe (The Bold Type)

Jane and Ben or Pinstripe (The Bold Type)
Either of these two is a 'ship we can get behind, which is why Jane needs to call it off with one of them because they're both great and don't deserve to be taken for a ride. Ben represents stability and commitment which can be seen as a bit boring by some while Pinstripe, even if a little flighty, brings excitement and pushes Jane out of her comfort zone. We'll just have to wait and see who she chooses. We're fine with either choice, but we definitely don't want a love triangle.

14. Lyn and Johnny (Vida)

Lyn and Johnny (Vida)
What will it take for Johnny to finally grow a spine and cut Lyn off for good? He has tried to do so many times, but, predictably finds himself falling back into old habits the moment she "innocently" jogs by his house in tight leggings. Dude! you've got a pregnant wife and an ailing father. That is enough to deal with without throwing into the equation a walking dumpster fire like Lyn. Yeah, she may be hot but she is chaos on a level you haven't seen before.

15. Rafe and Hope (Days Of Our Lives)

Rafe and Hope (Days Of Our Lives)
For reasons we don't understand, these two are still going strong even if it is clear to every other person that they have no business staying together. There is nothing positive about their relationship, and it seems the writers aren't interested in making their relationship seem even a little bit healthy for anyone of them. They have zero chemistry and only ever seem to be on the same page when it comes to abusing their power as officers of the law.

16. Jughead and Betty (Riverdale)

Jughead and Betty (Riverdale)
It says a lot that these two are, save for Cheryl and Toni, the most stable couple in Riverdale, but they have become so boring to watch, and every note their relationship hits feels like something you've seen a thousand times before. That spark they had is nowhere to be found, and all we're left with is a desire to nod off anytime they're on screen together. It was fun while it lasted, but it's time to mix things up a bit. Hell, have them both stay single for a while. That'll be a change of pace for a show like Riverdale where everyone and his dog seems to be in a relationship.

17. Tess and Jake (Sweetbitter)

Tess and Jake (Sweetbitter)
The struggles of scaling the trial week should still be fresh in Tess' mind. Back when she arrived as a doe-eyed girl having trouble adjusting to her new, fast-paced environment. But for reasons best known to her, she decided to sleep with the one co-worker, Will, who had her back from the beginning, then jump on to the next hot co-worker, Jake. But unlike Will, Jake comes with a lot of baggage and entanglements, not least of which is his history with the queen bee of all waiters -- Simone. The one thing Howard always emphasizes on is a drama-free workplace which Tess' and Jake's connection is throwing in jeopardy.

18. Casey and Evan (Atypical)

Casey and Evan (Atypical)
This is the only couple that we'd have stay together for the rest of time if we could. Evan has barely put a foot wrong since they started dating and they're so cute together, but Casey and her new BFF Izzie have grown really close, and it's clear what they feel isn't strictly platonic. There is always room for more stories about self-discovery on TV. Besides that, Casey and Evan's sex life is the only aspect of their relationship that has left her unsatisfied and no one deserves that. Further exploration of who she is as a person and what she wants can only happen when Evan is out of the way.

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