23 of the Most Enviable TV Hugs EVER!

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7. Lucy and Wyatt - Timeless

Lucy and Wyatt - Timeless
The fact that it was hard to choose which of their hugs to put here means they have more than enough to make us jealous. The real goal is to find someone who will hug us like Lucy and Wyatt love to hug each other.

8. FP and Alice - Riverdale

FP and Alice - Riverdale
When two people have this much chemistry with just a hug, there are no words to describe them outside of this embrace. But really FP and Alice are hug goals because they have the perfect timing and the emotions to make their connection add to their embrace.

9. Chloe and Lucifer - Lucifer

Chloe and Lucifer - Lucifer
A good height difference makes the perfect hug, with Chloe and Lucifer serving as the perfect example of that. This looks so warm and safe, we all deserve this A+ level hug.

10. The Clark Family - Fear The Walking Dead

The Clark Family - Fear The Walking Dead
Family is important and if we just focus on this gif, maybe we wouldn't remember how Fear the Walking Dead took that from us.

11. Monty and Jasper - The 100

Monty and Jasper - The 100
Pain is real and it lives in this moment where Jasper pulled Monty out of the cage. Because we hate ourselves, it somehow felt appropriate to include this in our favorite hugs because the love between these two can't be replicated.

12. Charles and a friendly possum - Brooklyn Nine Nine

Charles and a friendly possum - Brooklyn Nine Nine
Possums are probably not worth hugging because of the general danger of it, but this actually looks kind of cute. Maybe it was the search for Cheddar that got us all so mushy for animals that time, so Charles finding a new friend really makes us wish we did too.

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