23 Most Headscratching Cancelations of 2018

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7. Luke Cage (Netflix)

Luke Cage (Netflix)
When Netflix canceled Iron Fist, no one was really that shocked as it was the weakest Marvel show on Netflix. Seven days later, Netflix canceled Luke Cage which left everyone stunned because now there was a pattern. Netflix was coming after our beloved Marvel shows. Unlike Iron Fist, Luke Cage had a loyal following and was the only Marvel superhero show to have a black leading man. The second season was well received, and the showrunners already announced plans for what was to come in Season 3. The axing of both Iron Fist and Luke Cage also meant a potential second season of Marvel's The Defenders would not be coming to fruition.

8. Code Black (CBS)

Code Black (CBS)
Code Black started a little rocky but came into its own by the time Season 2 rolled around. During an era of peak medical dramas, Code Black was the best character-focused triage-based medical drama on TV, and CBS didn't do well by it. The show had a star-studded cast and two very underappreciated lead actors in Marcia Gay Harden and Rob Lowe. Despite a dedicated fanbase, CBS pushed the shows Season 3 premiere well into the spring and then took forever to announce its cancelation. CBS initially provided some hope that they would perhaps bring it back or find it a new home, but nothing ever came of it. A disappointing outcome for a widely talented cast.

9. Good Behavior (TNT)

Good Behavior (TNT)
Some networks love to leave fans hanging, and TNT did just that with Good Behavior. Fronted by Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery, Good Behavior should've been a huge success. Yet for some reason, it wasn't a ratings hit. Good Behavior didn't get nearly as much exposure or press from TNT as it should have. It was solid programming and had a passionate fandom due to its unique concept. Spy-like dramas are rare on television, but Michelle Dockery and her castmates excelled at it. Its fandom didn't have high hopes that it would be renewed, but TNT's delay in announcing its cancelation gave them false hope, which only ended up breaking their hearts even more.

10. Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (ABC)

Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (ABC)
How can a show starring Jason Ritter not be a success? The unique premise might have scared a few people off at first, but the fans who stuck around instantly fell in love with Ritter's charm and wit. Despite being praised by fans and critics alike, ABC never attempted to help boost the ratings in any way. The show got stuck in the networks Tuesday at 10 p.m. death slot even though the Sunday night at 8 p.m. slot became available. Kevin (Probably) Saves The World was left to die a slow death on Tuesdays, and like most shows in that time slot before it, ABC gave it the ax. It was a very underappreciated series that stood out from everything else on network TV if only we had the chance to see Kevin save a few more souls.

11. Scorpion (CBS)

Scorpion (CBS)
Ratings matter when it comes to CBS but that doesn't mean the cancelation of a beloved show still doesn't hurt. After four seasons, Scorpion was given the boot on CBS. Given the low ratings, it wasn't a complete surprise, but its ratings were better than a few other CBS shows like Elementary that did get renewed. Considering how passionate its fans were, it was shocking to see that it wasn't picked up by any other network. It was a smart, science-loving show that just didn't fit in with other programming on CBS.

12. Colony (USA Network)

Colony (USA Network)
Colony was one of the best science fiction dramas on TV in 2018, but changes in filming location and a brand-new time slot caused the critically acclaimed show to hit a snag in its sophomore season. Despite a decline in ratings, Colony had a star-studded cast that included TV veterans Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies and only got better as the show progressed. The dystopian drama was cut down in its prime with only three seasons, and fans were devastated. Colony diehards attempted to start a campaign to save the show, but they were unsuccessful. Worse yet, it ended on a cliffhanger, leaving the Bowman family's fate in question.

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