23 Best Cliffhangers of 2018

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13. The Flash

The Flash
Mid celebration after team Flash took down their season's "big bad," The Thinker, and Cecile and Joe had their baby, the mysterious girl who kept popping up comes knocking and says that she is Barry and Iris' daughter Nora from the future on The Flash Season 4 Episode 23.

14. Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin
Michael's return on Jane the Virgin was a soapy cliffhanger not many of us saw coming. Is he alive? Is it really him? Is it a twin? There are so many questions to be asked and answered!

15. Good Girls

Good Girls
On the Good Girls Season 1 finale, Beth returns home to Rio holding her ex-husband hostage at the kitchen table. He realizes that she was the one who set him up to take him down, and he suggests that if she wants to be a badass leader of illicit activities she has to make a big move. She either shoots him or her ex-husband.

16. Lucifer

After using his wings to protect a discombobulated Chloe from a hail of bullets, Lucifer doubles back to take out Pierce/Cain. Lucifer gives an impassioned hero soliloquy while Cain dies with this Devil face when Chloe finally catches up and sees him in. His true form. Thankfully, Netflix picked up the series so it didn't end on that!

17. Timeless

As the Time team, missing their beloved hero in a hoodie mourn Rufus' loss, a Future gruff looking Wyatt and jacked Lara Croft looking Lucy appear in a time machine and asks "Do you guys want to get Rufus back or what?" The answer is obviously YES!!!

18. The Gifted

The Gifted
The Gifted Season 1 finale had a pregnant Lorna, Andy and a couple of others breaking away from their group of friends, lovers, and families to align with the Frost sisters. Their differing opinions over how best to achieve mutant justice made for a killer cliffhanger.

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