21 Underrated TV Couples That Deserve More Love

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7. Dawson and Jen (Dawson's Creek)

Dawson and Jen (Dawson's Creek)
Dawson was so infatuated with the idea that Joey was his soulmate, that he let the one girl he actually had chemistry with, slip through his fingers. Dawson's Creek fans have debated the who did Joey Potter belong with question to death (the correct answer will always be Pacey). While Pacey and Joey and Dawson and Joey have been talked about ad nauseam, many people forget how good of a couple Dawson and Jen were. While their first go around in Season 1 is nothing to write about, their time together in Season 5 was lovely. Dawson and Jen were both mature enough at this point to have a healthy, solid relationship. They helped each other see their potential. If the show and the fans weren't so obsessed with the Dawson/Joey/Pacey love triangle, Dawson and Jen may have stood a chance.

8. Diggle and Lyla (Arrow)

Diggle and Lyla (Arrow)
This couple's love story has been so under the radar since it first started, which is what makes it so great. Olicity maybe Arrow's main romantic focus, but Diggle and Lyla are equally as adorable. Diggle's affection for his wife is as clear as day. They are both willing to do whatever it takes to protect their family. Diggle was even willing to take out his best friend if it meant saving his wife and child. The best part about Diggle and Lyla is that they see each other as equals in every way. What other husband and wife duo parents their child and beats up bad guys together all in the same day. Hopefully, their bond remains unbreakable, and Arrow fans will finally give this underrated couple the recognition they deserve.

9. Andy and Ellie (Cougar Town)

Andy and Ellie (Cougar Town)
An underrated couple, in an underrated show. Cougar Town was a gem of a show that many people didn't give a fighting chance. Yet, its small fanbase helped carry the show for six whole seasons. While fans adored Andy and Ellie as individual characters, they never fully appreciated Andy and Ellie as a unit. Part of the reason for that was because unlike Jules and Grayson and Laurie and Travis, Ellie and Andy were already a happily married couple when the show first premiered. They didn't have the will they/won't they pull the other couples had. That doesn't mean they weren't absolutely adorable. Ellie's twisted, dark humor was perfectly balanced out with Andy's childlike wonderment. They were a match made in sitcom heaven. Give them more praise.

10. Mouch and Platt (Chicago Fire/PD)

Mouch and Platt (Chicago Fire/PD)
These two have to compete with other major couples not just on one show but two. So it's understandable why their love story is shuffled to the sidelines sometimes. However, that doesn't mean they don't deserve more appreciation. The biggest problem Mouch and Platt have had to face is that they each star on separate shows, which makes it difficult for them to share screen time. Despite that hurdle, Mouch and Platt have managed to produce some of the best and cutest moments in the Chicago franchise. They also deserve the title for the most stable couple in Chicago. Mouch and Platt prove that finding your true love can come at any age. Their wedding at Firehouse 51 was symbolic. They not only vowed to protect and serve Chicago but to also protect and serve each other. Now how can you not just love that?

11. Jake and Peyton (One Tree Hill)

Jake and Peyton (One Tree Hill)
Peyton may have ended up with Lucas, but her relationship with Jake Jagielski was equally, if not more epic. In fact, it could be argued that Jake was the one that got away for Ms. Sawyer. He was the perfect guy for her. Peyton constantly lamented that people always leave. Sure, Jake was forced to be one of those people, after having to leave Tree Hill with his daughter Jenny. Yet, he always came back because of how much he loved Peyton. Peyton and Jake were about ready to go all in with each other until Peyton realized she was in love with Lucas. That led to a ton of drama between her and her best friend, Brooke Davis. It's disappointing that the remainder of Peyton's stint in Tree Hill focused on her and Lucas when it seemed like Jake was actually the right man for her. You picked the wrong guy Peyton!

12. Tom and Wanda (Hart of Dixie)

Tom and Wanda (Hart of Dixie)
It's easy for a couple to get lost in the shuffle on a show. Especially when the two characters in the relationship are minor characters. Tom and Wanda were such a small part of Hart of Dixie, yet they managed to somehow steal the spotlight from all of the other romances everytime they were featured. As soon as Wanda was introduced to the town of Blue Bell, it was clear she was the woman Tom Long was meant to be with. She was the only person who truly appreciated his quirky charm. They didn't need to be the focus, which is why they worked so well as a pairing. Every few episodes Tom and Wanda would have an epic romantic encounter, for example, their Islands in the Stream proposal, and then fade into the background for multiple episodes. Even the smallest of TV romances warrant some appreciation.

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