21 TV Series That Should Have Called It Quits!

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7. Chicago PD

Chicago PD
Sophia Bush's departure already put a damper on the show last season and with Alvin gone too, Burgess is literally the only likable character on that show. During such a fraught time in society, a show about police officers abusing their power doesn't really work well anymore. More times than not, after multiple episodes, it's uncomfortable to watch, and I don't find myself rooting for any of Chicago's finest anymore.

8. Modern Family

Modern Family
There are no laughs left to mine. The series has milked everything under the sun for all that it is worth. Nearly all the kids are grown now. The characters stopped being endearing characters and are more like caricatures of their former selves. Most of the humor is stale and redundant, and it just isn't funny anymore.


When almost all of the original characters call it quits, it's time for the show to do the same. I get that NCIS still has legs to stand on as long as Mark Harmon is standing on his and willing to continue the series, but it's in its 16th season now. It's time to make like Elsa from Frozen and let it go!

10. Trial & Error

Trial & Error
The first season of Trial & Error was hilarious. Unfortunately, John Lithgow was not part of the second season, and his presence was missed. It was a fun, corny comedy in the first season, but the story changed in the second season, and the show just became ridiculous.

11. Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan
I don't even care if the move to NY did any good. The stories with his agonizingly dull and dimwitted family were overcooked three years ago. The move to New York could have set Ray right in the middle of an entirely new life with new circumstances, but the whole crew moved across country with him or something just so I couldn't tune in again.

12. Dynasty

The second season of Dynasty is awful. They revamped the series and got rid of two main characters. The first season was only decent, at best, so I was surprised when it was renewed for a second season, to begin with, and now, it's evident that they shouldn't have bothered.

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