21 TV Lawyers That Will Fight For Your Rights!

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7. Rebecca Bunch - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Despite all of the insecurities, drama and chaos that Becs causes, she's actually a pretty decent attorney. I mean, when she shows up to work, on time, dressed for success and ready to fight. Our favorite love-struck attorney, played by the supremely talented Rachel Bloom, was offered partner at a very prestigous law firm before following her heart to West Covina. Now she's mostly focused on marrying Josh which she believes will solve all her problems.

8. Marshall Eriksen - How I Met Your Mother

Marshall Eriksen - How I Met Your Mother
In my opinion, Jason Segel played one of the best TV characters ever (No, not Nick Andopolis from Freaks and Geeks), the environment protecting, Lily loving, Marshall Eriksen. Affectionately known as Big Fudge, we first met Marshall when he was in law school. Later, we see him pass the bar with dreams of becoming an environmental lawyer; join an evil, corporate firm when money gets tight; and accept a judgeship on the New York Supreme Court. All this and he still had time to be part of one of the most beloved TV couples – Lilypad and Marshmellow.

9. Harvey Specter - Suits

Harvey Specter - Suits
Like other attorneys on this list, Harvey, played by Gabriel Macht, started out as an Assistant District Attorney. With help from his mentor, Jessica Pearson, he eventually becomes a senior partner at more than one law firm. He's handsome and charming, but also ruthless. As a result, most people don't really like him, not that he minds. He only cares for a select few and winning. Mostly the latter.

10. Olivia Pope - Scandal

Olivia Pope - Scandal
Liv is a fixer, as long as it's not her life she's trying to fix. As an attorney, Kerry Washington's character is rarely inside a court room, but she can still argue with the best of them. She tries so hard to wear "the white hat" but is constantly torn between her friends and family and what she thinks is right. Nevertheless, when something bad happens, she the one you want in your corner.

11. Jared Franklin and Peter Bash - Franklin & Bash

Jared Franklin and Peter Bash - Franklin & Bash
Jared Franklin and Peter Bash, played by teen heart throbs Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar, are best friends and law partners. One really can't be mentioned without the other. Cocky in and out of the courtroom, these two will resort to drastic measures to win their cases, usually providing a lot of entertainment along the way. Living in California, they're just as comfortable partying as they are litigating but whatever they do, they do it together.

12. Matt Murdock - Daredevil

Matt Murdock - Daredevil
Matt Murdock, played by Charlie Cox, is a lawyer by day and a vigilante by night. Blinded in a car accident as a child, his other senses are heightened and he uses them to make his way through life. Though he often takes the law into his own hands, he has strict morals and believes in law and justice.

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