21 TV Characters Who Are Crafty AF

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The time-honored tradition of making stuff yourself will always be in fashion. Whether it's knitting, woodworking or embroidering, each medium gives characters a unique way of expressing themselves.

Television today has done an amazing job of presenting audiences with a variety of crafty characters who work their hobby into who they are. 

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Sometimes crafting is such an essential part of their personality, that it seeps out of every pore. Yes, Jessica Day I'm looking at you!

Other times it's a quiet meditative practice done in the shadows while the main characters are out saving the day, like Agent Christopher's "ugly" scarves.

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Here are 21 TV Characters who are crafty AF! 

1. Beth Boland (Good Girls)

Beth Boland (Good Girls)
Beth Boland is a crafty mama! Throughout Good Girls we see her making numerous things from her intricate "book club" schedule to a quilt for Ruby's daughter, Sarah. Beth even goes the extra mile making sandwiches that look like animals for her kids and a complete Thanksgiving menu that has cupcakes that look like turkeys. She also knits. When her daughter Jane was devastated over the loss of her "Dubby," a knitted pink blanket, Beth attempted to get it back, and when that failed she went straight to the yarn store.

2. Jessica Day (New Girl)

Jessica Day (New Girl)
Jessica Day can't hide her crazy, and sometimes that comes out in the form of crafts. She's is a teacher who has a lot of art projects in The Loft, but on top of dressing like Galileo for Astronomy Day, she also knits and makes jam. And, bonus, she was able to fix her friend's wedding dress. Now that's putting your crafting skills to good use.

3. Serena Joy (The Handmaid's Tale)

Serena Joy (The Handmaid's Tale)
One of the key observations Offred has about Serena Joy in the book is how much she knits. In the book, she talks about how she thinks Serena Joy is really just knitting the same thing over and over again. Serena Joy admits that she detests knitting, but she is also clearly skilled at it. By the end of The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 she reveals a trove of garments she's knit for Nicole. In the series, the audience actually sees a trove of baby clothes that Selena Joy has created for the child she hopes to be blessed with. She may detest knitting, but she clearly has skill at it.

4. Piper Chapman (Orange is the New Black)

Piper Chapman (Orange is the New Black)
Before Piper went to prison she was making artisanal bath products with her best friend Polly. While it may have gotten a few eye rolls upon arrival she used her skills to make a rub for Red using cocoa butter, a cup, pantyhose, and jalapeno pepper. The end may not have resulted in a presentation worthy of Barney's, but it did settle her beef with Red.

5. Mary Wardwell (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

Mary Wardwell (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
Madam Satan and Mary Wardwell are both technically crafty. We don't know much about the OG Mary Wardwell, but given that there seems to be an abundance of yarn and knitting needles, she clearly did some kind of craft. Madam Satan also falls into this category too. She's constantly making poppets and dolls for her spellwork.

6. Frankie Bergstein (Grace & Frankie)

Frankie Bergstein (Grace & Frankie)
Frankie Bergstein is the epitome of a crafty lady. She's an artist who painted a rendering of her vagina with her vagina, but she also makes her own personal lubricant with yams. Not to mention, she's brave enough to attempt to make Bud a wedding cake just like one she found on Pinterest, complete with candy gushing out of it.

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