21 Sexy TV Characters Deserving of A Beach Day

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7. Jon Snow - Game of Thrones

Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
Show us what's under all those winter clothes, Jon Snow, and meet us at the beach! Let someone else take care of the north for a while. You could use some sun!

8. Chrisjen Avasarala - The Expanse

Chrisjen Avasarala - The Expanse
Avasarala would look lovely on her beloved Earth's beach. We wouldn't mind if she brought her bodyguard with her either. There's room for everyone!

9. Sayid - LOST

Sayid - LOST
We don't know if we could get Sayid near a beach again, but we could try! Who would love to see him riding the waves in all his sexiness? Show of hands!

10. Abigail Griffin - The 100

Abigail Griffin - The 100
What mother couldn't use a relaxing day on the beach? We know Abby could. Add to that her responsibilities as a doctor on The 100, and she's earned some fun in the sun. Get that woman a swimsuit! Stat!

11. Alex Karev - Grey's Anatomy

Alex Karev - Grey's Anatomy
Playboy turned married man, Alex Karev knows he's sexy and we do too, so he would be perfect on the beach.

After all of Alex's emotional drama over the years, we think he's earned a spot. We'll enter him in some beach volleyball!

12. Olivia Dunham - Fringe

Olivia Dunham - Fringe
Talk about the weight of the world! Olivia Dunham has been through hell and back. She needs to be on the beach, toes in the sand, with Peter by her side.

We don't care what timeline, just get her there.

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